Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beach Cottages

I'm a Beach girl and dream of living in a sweet little beach cottage by the sea one day.
But until that day comes, I'm happy to just rent one for the week.

In my last post (HERE) I blogged about our 
little family road trip to the Oregon Coast.
We like to make a trip out there every year and so it's usually up to me to find us a vacation rental.

I usually opt for a vacation home rather then a hotel because, 1. We always like to bring our dog, and 2. it's nice to also have a kitchen so we don't have to eat out every meal.
And 3. it's just more cozier.

This picture here below is the one I found us this year, in Lincoln city.
 (Website with interior pictures can be found HERE)

It was considered a "Camp Cabin"
It even had a fire pit that we roasted marshmallows over one night.

Even though it was super cute, I'm not sure I would refer anyone to this rental.  We did have a few issues with it.
1. The washer plus dryer all-in-one unit was horrible. It would not dry well, and so we arrived to a lot of still damp towels.
2. There is no AC in this cabin, which is usually fine since the weather is always cooler on the  coast, but when we did get hot and wanted to open the windows there were no window screens, which made us  uncomfortable  to leave them open at night

It also may have been too small for 3 adults (Jake's mother came as well) and 2 children.

But other than that it was great.
It had a hot tub and was also right across from the swimming pool, which my boys LOVED

The property was well taken care for.
Lots of hydrangeas everywhere.

And the best part.... It was in walking distance to the beach.
However my dog nor my mother in law cared for the millions of stairs.

But come on, there's really No reason to complain here.
Look at the view!!!!

Okay so a little more about the community.
Our cabin is in a neighborhood called Olivia Beach. About half of the houses are rentals the rest are owned by some very lucky people.
See more of Olivia Beach Cottage rentals on their website HERE.

There is a sweet little park that my boys enjoyed.

Neat street lights.

 And I thought this was cool, they had seashells all along the flower beds.

ALL of the houses in this neighborhood are adorable, and I couldn't help but take pictures of all of them.

I especially had a thing for all of the painted doors.
I'm thinking of painting our front door, and these have given me so many ideas.

I also loved this driftwood chime.
I may even try to recreate it.

One day I let myself into their Show home, for people looking to build.

It of course was amazingly beautiful.

I loved all the little details.

 So much cuteness, Right!
Anyway, we had a great time. Like I said, we probably wont stay at the camp cabin again but I wouldn't mind finding another rental from here.

Olivia beach also has a sister neighborhood in Depoe Bay, called, Bella Beach.
Check out their website HERE.  You may even remember us staying in this rental a few years back.
That post can be found HERE

Yup, One day, when I win the lottery, I'll be living it up in a cute little beach house just like one of these.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Oregon Coast 2014

 Like I said in my last post, we just got back from a trip to the Oregon Coast.
We try and make a trip out there every year. It is so amazingly beautiful and we always have such a wonderful time. I'm already looking forward to going back next year.
This year we stayed in Lincoln City.  We pretty much pick a new city to stay at each time, it makes each visit unique and we get to explore new places.

So I just wanted to share a few of our pictures from the trip.  Hopefully I won't bore you too much with my millions of pictures of the sea :)

 My boys love playing in the Ocean, doesn't bother them one bit if it is freezing cold.

 We stayed in this cute little camp cabin.  I will share more about it and its adorable neighborhood in my next post..... I"m pretty sure I got a picture of every beach cottage on the block.

I swear hydrangeas grow wild here.

Stairway leading to beach. . . 

 Which my poor old dog didn't care for.

During our visit, the coast was extremely foggy, which I found to be quite serene.

I'm already missing my zen mornings.

We stopped into Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

I also stopped into this cute red barn flea market, picked me up a little plate, I'll share that in another post as well.

And lastly the boys saying goodbye to the sea.

It was a Great time.  Wishing I was still there.

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