Exciting News! New Etsy Shop!

I have some exciting news to share with you today!
I collaborated with my sister, who owns a printing company, Berkley Ink, and together we came up with some adorable Spring pillow designs that I will be selling in my new ETSY Shop!!

Our Family Room/Basement Reveal!

There is a room in our home that I have never ever shared here on the blog before, and that would be our basement!
  It seems weird that I've never shared this room before because it is the room that my family spends the most time in. The reason why I haven't ever shared this room is because when we first moved into our home, I had an agreement with my husband and two boys that I could decorate the upstairs ANY way I wished, but the Basement, That was for the guys and I was not allowed to decorate it.  Fair enough, right? Well let's just say it was looking pretty rundown, so I talked them into letting me give it a fresh new paint job and they agreed.  My husband help choose the new paint color and it now looks so much better and worthy of a blog post.

So Behold Our basement! 
/ aka The family room / aka the t.v. room / aka the playroom / aka the movie room / aka the video game room / aka the all day Saturday room. 
Well, you get the idea, we use this room a lot.

A Cheerful Spring Entryway

Yay for February!
I seriously think that January dragged on for wayyyyy too long. Who else agrees?
Nothing against January,  I am just looking forward to some warmer days and spring time and February gets me just a wee bit closer to that.

Cleaning out my closet the (some-what) KonMari Way

Have you ever thought to greet your home the minute you walked into it? Or have you thought to say thank you to your shoes for their hard work at the end of the day? Probably not, correct?
Well I just read this book, The life-changing magic of tiding up the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing, and it has opened my eyes to the way I live and the items I choose to surround myself with.

Have you read this book?

Dreaming about Mint Kitchen Cabinets

It All Started when I came across this picture on Pinterest, and now I'm Dreaming about 
Mint Kitchen Cabinets
 This kitchen reminds me a little bit of my own kitchen and so it got me thinking about painting our kitchen cabinets in a soft pretty mint.

On the hunt for new curtians

I am on the hunt for some new curtains for our living and dining room. We have two big windows on the front of our home and I'm growing tired of the curtains I currently have. I bought these curtains from IKEA years ago and they've been great but I would love to switch things up a bit and bring in something new.

Spring Home Decor

This morning as I was driving my son, Jaxon to school, the temperature gauge in my car read, -5 and then when I looked again, it read, -6 and then a minute later, it read, -7. Do  you know how cold that is? That is FREAKING COLD!!! 
So understandably,  I find myself daydreaming of spring A Lot lately.
To help pass the time on these cold winter days, I love to browse my favorite on-line stores for some lovely new Spring home decor.  I have came across so many pretty things that I wanted to share some of them with you.

Doesn't all of this just bring a warm smile to your face, and inspire you to freshen up your home; bringing in soft colors, sweet floral smells and touches of greenery?  It sure does me!

To shop this pretty spring home decor collection I've created, just click on the images in the lookbook below, it will take you to the website where you can learn more about each item.

*Please note these are affiliated links which simply means I make a small profit from you purchasing them.  I appreciate your support by using my links.

The Wicker House Paint Colors

I know I've already shared a post of our home's paint colors with you once before, but that was a while a go and so I've decided it was time for an updated post.  I did share this post over at City Farmhouse not too long ago, so it's likely you've seen it already. 

Coastal Boho Office Updates

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen a sneak peak at our office/sunroom already. Today, I'm here to share the rest of the room with you. And by the way, if you are on Instagram and you're not already, be sure to give me a follow so you can see more sneak peaks and behind the scenes. 

20 Chic ways to get Organized

I'm not sure exactly why but as soon as Christmas is over I go into full-on organizing mode.  I start cleaning out all of our closets and drawers and filling up boxes and bags of stuff to donate. It must have something to do with wanting a fresh start for the new year. Do you do this too?  I know I'm not the only one.
One of my favorite ways to organize is to use chic storage solutions like baskets, trays and bins that are not only functional but also look great around our home. So I have searched online at all of my favorite stores to find 20 of the trendiest ways to help you and I get more organized for the new year.

You can fill these baskets, trays, and bins up with papers, books, office supplies, extra pillows and blankets, or whatever you may have cluttering up your home, and because these baskets, trays and bins all look so chic, you can keep your items out in the open, rather than have them stashed away in a closet or drawer.

*some of the links in this post may be affiliated links, but all opinions are my own.
ROW 1: Fringed Fabric Nadia Tote Basket // H&M Wooden Tray // Tin Bucket // Blue & White striped Laundry Tote // ROW 2: South Beach Rectangular Covered Basket // Atlantic Striped Bin // Mila Natural Wicker Round Basket // Wyatt Workspace Rolling Cart // ROW 3: Tillie Striped Gray Laundry Tote // Decorative Basket Pillowfort Natural // White Wire Annette Baskets // Jacquard Fabric Kyra Tote Basket // ROW 4: H&M Large Wooden Box // Woven Round Rattan Basket // Metal Lined Hamper Collection // Braided Woven Storage // ROW 5: Carlo Canvas & Leather Rolling Basket // Geo Print Fabric Lina Tote Basket // Galvanized Metal Walter Storage Bins // Scalloped Wall Organizer 

I hope that I have inspired you to get a little more organized in a chic way for the new year.

Thanks for stopping by,