Zucchini Banana Oat Bread - Kid Approved

My Mother in law gave me some zucchini fresh from her garden, so my boys and I used it to make  delicious zucchini bread. My boys weren't quit on board with the whole 'zucchini' part of it at first. "But mom, we don't like zucchini"  And I replied, "You will" But truthfully, I wasn't sure if they really would. So I added in some banana to try and sweeten it up more.

It smelled Amazing as it was cooking in the oven. My boys kept asking me, "is it ready yet?" 
And once it was they gobbled it up and LOVED it! They have been asking for more ever since.

So today I thought I'd share the recipe with you. I created a recipe card that you can print out if you would like.  I hope that you enjoy this recipe as much as my boys do.


Kitchen Inspriation

You guys are so Awesome!!!
I can not believe all of the feedback I have received from my last post
The decision whether to paint the wood stove mount in our kitchen has been a tough one. 

 I put all of your comments into consideration, and you know what, I still can't decide what to do.
Originally, I wanted to paint the stove mount all white.  I love white kitchens. I was secretly wanting all of you to vote for white too, that way I could tell my husband he was out voted. 
My husband likes the wood.... as well as so many of you!
I think the final tally on votes was; wood first place, color second place, and white came in last.

So for now..... I have decided to keep it wood!!!

However, that doesn't mean that down the road I will be itching again to paint it.
In the mean time, I'm going to paint the ceiling white as planned, and then I'm going to paint the tile backsplash. 
And Yes, you can paint tile. I saw it on Pinterest, so you know it's true. 
 I'm still deciding if I should just paint the orange-y tiles that stand out the most with a color that blends well with the other tile; Or if I should paint all of it white.

In my dream world, I would just take out the tile and put in subway tiles, or something pretty.
But, because I'm the diy'er around here. I like to come up with easy solutions.

 Sorry, I'm being a total blabber mouth today.
I usually don't type so much :)
I thought for fun. I'd share some pretty kitchen inspiration for each of the 4 looks below. 

Thinking about painting our wood range mount, What do you think?

Hey guys!
So I am right in the middle of painting our kitchen cabinets.
They use to be cream and now they are a bright white.
Truthfully, it doesn't make a huge difference, but now the cabinets match all of the wood work in the rest of the house, which I have also painted from cream to white.

Anyway...  So we have this wood range mount in our kitchen that I'm thinking of painting.
My husband quite likes the wood because of how it breaks up the room.
But I feel like it is too dark and doesn't fit with my airy style.  I would normally sand it down, and stain it in a more gray wood tone. However, the finish on this thing is very shiny and veneer-like, so I don't think it will just sand off easily.

New Coat Rack In Our Entry Way - Part 3

Happy Sunday!
Are you enjoying your weekend?

I've just been painting kitchen cabinets,  sooooo nothing too exciting happening over here.
But I did want to take a break and share look #3 of our new entry way coat rack with you.

Here you go,  Look #3

New Coat Rack In Our Entry Way - Part 2

I know you have been eagerly waiting by your computer for Part 2 of my new coat rack to be posted.... Right?
I knew it!

So here is look  #2