String Art on the Wall

 I have a really cool project that I am so excited to share with you today, you may have already seen it since I shared it over at City Farmhouse awhile back, but if you missed it, you can catch up today. 
I call it String Art on the Wall!

My Bohemian Bedroom

I'm pretty sure I switch the look of my bedroom up every time I change the sheets, which sadly probably isn't often enough. How often do you change your sheets? I'm not saying how often I do it, but lets just say that when I do, it feels like a fresh start that always inspires me to freshen up the rest of the room as well. 

How to make a Driftwood Garland

In my last post I shared a picture of this driftwood garland that I had hanging in our backyard play house. I made it last summer using some driftwood that I had gathered up while on a family trip to the beach.  I had originally shared this tutorial over at City Farmhouse, but today I want to re share it here for any of you who may have missed it. 

Our Play House Before and After

 Not too long ago I shared this play house / play fort that is in our backyard as part of a Work and Play tour. 
Today, I want to share a little more about it. As you can see from this before and after picture I have recently given it a bit of a makeover.

Hanging Plates on a Wall

Years ago I had plates hanging on this wall here in our dining room but I took them down when I painted. And for awhile there afterwards I just enjoyed having a blank wall, well except for the mirror of course.    I don't know what it is about plates, but I always seem to pick them up at yard sales, thrift stores, and in the clearance isles. So while looking at my collection one day, I was admiring all the mix of colors and patterns and I decided to hang them back up, giving a bit of attention to my blank wall. 

Decorative Hot Dog / Marshmallow Roasting sticks

Gosh guys, I just realized I haven't shared a post in well over a week. I think I have been so busy working on projects.... which lately have all mostly been fails! Seriously, sometimes my ideas don't work as well as I had planned.  I could probably do a whole series on projects gone bad.

So until I have something new to share with you, I thought I'd pull out this old post from last year. I had originally shared it over at Ella Claire, but never here on my own blog. So now is a better time than never.  Well actually this is probably the perfect time to share it since camping season is approaching us quickly. We even have a camping trip planned for this weekend.  My little family and I love to go camping.  We enjoy spending time out in nature, swimming in the lake, hiking, relaxing and of course, roasting marshmallows over the camp fire.
So today I'm going to share how I have decorated our families hot dog / marshmallow roasting sticks.
Aren't they cute? This could also be a great gift to give for father's day.

Our Home's Work & Play Spaces

Hello and Welcome!
I am so excited to be sharing our work and play spaces today as part of the 
Blogger Stylin' Home Tours hosted by Lindsay at The White Buffalo Styling Co.  I seriously feel like I get to hang out with the cool kids today, these gals all have such stylish homes. The tour will be running all week. You can start at the beginning by clicking here.

If you are already following along on the tour, then you are probably stopping by from With Heart. What a sweet playroom, right? 

At the end of this post I will share where to head to next.
So lets get started! First I'll show you where the work happens and then we'll move on to the fun part and I'll show you where we like to play.