Thinking about painting our wood range mount, What do you think?

Hey guys!
So I am right in the middle of painting our kitchen cabinets.
They use to be cream and now they are a bright white.
Truthfully, it doesn't make a huge difference, but now the cabinets match all of the wood work in the rest of the house, which I have also painted from cream to white.

Anyway...  So we have this wood range mount in our kitchen that I'm thinking of painting.
My husband quite likes the wood because of how it breaks up the room.
But I feel like it is too dark and doesn't fit with my airy style.  I would normally sand it down, and stain it in a more gray wood tone. However, the finish on this thing is very shiny and veneer-like, so I don't think it will just sand off easily.

New Coat Rack In Our Entry Way - Part 3

Happy Sunday!
Are you enjoying your weekend?

I've just been painting kitchen cabinets,  sooooo nothing too exciting happening over here.
But I did want to take a break and share look #3 of our new entry way coat rack with you.

Here you go,  Look #3

New Coat Rack In Our Entry Way - Part 2

I know you have been eagerly waiting by your computer for Part 2 of my new coat rack to be posted.... Right?
I knew it!

So here is look  #2

New Coat Rack In Our Entry Way - Part 1

 I've added a new coat rack in our entryway and thought I'd share it with you today.  
The reason why this post is called, part 1, is because I've re-styled this coat rack so many times now since taking these pictures. So just for fun, I thought I'd share all the different looks with you over the next couple of post.

Our Cottage Before and After

If I could change anything about our house it would be to give it an ocean view.
And that's about it.  
I absolutely adore our little cottage, it's so perfect for our little family.
It was built in 1924 so it is filled with lots of old charm.
Recently I have made a few changes to the exterior of the house and wanted to share them with you today.