Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Displaying Vintage Cards

Hello Friends!
So today's post is about something really simple that I put together in our office.
About a year ago I found these vintage floral cards in a box.
They once belonged to my husband's grandma.
I kept them because I thought they were really sweet and pretty.
Just like she was.
They make me think of Spring.
 And because I am getting excited for Spring, I have hung them up on my old, chippy, white, window screen.
 I used big magnets to hang them up.

I'm really liking the whole shabby chic/vintage look of it all,
 I think the floral cards pair nicely with the vintage children's desk and chair.

Bring On Spring!
I am ready for ya!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Painted Exterior Front Door

Happy Presidents day!
I hope you all have something fun planned for today. 
It's been strangely warm here the last few weeks.  So I am hoping to get outside with my boys and do a little yard work.
Anyway, like I promised, today I'm sharing our painted exterior front door.
 Before it was Red.  
Nothing against red, but both neighbors also have red doors, so I was wanting ours to be a little different. And after painting our back door this blue,  I knew I wanted to paint the front door as well.
 I can't believe how much it changed the whole look of our house. It now looks so much more us. 
 It kind of has a beachy look to it, which you know I love.
 I'm now thinking I want to paint all of the dark green trim in a fresh white. Agree?
I was thinking of waiting until the front of the house greened up a bit before I shared pictures of it.  
It will all look so much nicer when the grass is greener and the plants and flowers are growing.... but it is February after all.  And I was just too excited to not share.  
I'm also thinking that that tree is probably dead and will need to be removed. 
And we have a few cracks in our porch and sidewalk and that will one day get replaced as well.
SO let's just focus on the door...Okay!
 I brought out one of our houseplants and placed this thrift store wreath on the door to liven up the porch a bit.

And I'm very happy with it.
Okay so I have been getting a ton of questions asking about the color of the door.
Here it is:

I have now painted both sides of the front door, as well as the back door in this same color. 
 However, keep in mind that depending on the lighting and the camera setting and editing,  it does appear slightly different in each picture. 

To see more of the interior front door - see this Post.
To see more of the exterior back door - see this Post and this Post

And I'm done painting doors for now!!! Because I'm currently choosing a color to paint the living room....again!
I've always got to be painting something.....whats wrong with me :)

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine Heart Arrows

I realized our home didn't have any Valentine decorations going on.
So I through together these 
Valentine Heart Arrows.
Tacked them to the fridge.
And now we are all ready for the big V-Day!

You may remember I made these arrows here out of clothespins and bamboo skewers.
(Tutorial HERE)
I had used them as Christmas tree decorations this last year.
To turn our Christmas arrows into Valentines arrows, I simply cut out some hearts and attached them to the arrows.
I used a heart coaster to trace out the hearts, but you can use whatever heart shape thing you have, maybe a cookie cuter, or simply just free hand it.
Next I folded the heart in half and punched a hole in the center.
Then I cut a slit from the outside of the heart to the new punched hole. I did this on both sides.
Now with the slits, I was able to place the heart around the arrow.  I then taped up the slits.
I used poster tack to adhere the arrows to our fridge.
And I have been actually really surprised that they have held up so well.  They have yet to fall off. This stuff is Awesome!
I placed the arrow hearts on our fridge, but they would also look cute on the wall, a door, or maybe even on a gift bag, or possibly a box of chocolates.

I hope that you all have a 
Happy Valentines Day!

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Painted Interior Door

 Remember back in November when I painted my back door blue? (Post seen Here)
Well I loved it so much that I decided to paint the front door as well, which I did last week.  And then my husband gave me the idea to paint the interior side of the front door as well - Sometimes he comes up with the best ideas!   
Before the door was cream. Actually, all of the trim was cream as well. 
 I love this picture because it shows how much the bright white pops compared to the cream.  I'm so happy I went ahead and painted all of  the trim white. (post Here).
Now the door makes such a statement in the room.
 I then had fun decorating the entry way.
 I finally got to hang up this adorable metal deer hook that my little Jaxon gave me for Christmas.

  So in case you are wondering, the color of the door is called, Night Scape by Valspar.

I will be sharing the exterior of the front door next time.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

A New Sink and Faucet - And how to shine up a porcelain sink

 I get way too excited about all of the little details in a home, like my new sink and faucet.  
I'm sure most people are like, "big deal you got a new sink",  but me, I'm like, "Look everybody I got a new sink!!!  I Love it SO much, I wanna tell ya All about it!"

 I think you might understand my excitement though, when you see the sink I had before-
Not Pretty!
It was big and black and started to leak.  So we had a plumber come take a look at it, and he told us we needed a new faucet.  Those very words put a huge smile on my face.
So I ran to Lowes and picked out this beauty:
 My plumber suggested I go with Moen brand. Moen is a trusted brand and holds up nicely.
However, I surprised myself with picking the bright shiny silver one. Almost all the other faucets there had a brushed nickel finish.  I'm guessing the brush nickel is what everybody else wants. But I thought the shiny one was the prettiest.

I then decided that since we were getting a new faucet put in, we might as well get a new sink to go with it. Right?
 So I went to one of my favorite stores, Re-store and they had a bunch of sinks to pick from.
I ended up choosing this one here, a heavy duty, porcelain, Kohler for only $25.00
My Lucky Day!
I was wanting something deep.  I tend to let my dirty dishes pile up sometimes. and so deep is best for that.

Because it was used, there was a bit of dirt and grime on it.
No problem!
My MIL picked up this bath stone at Bed Bath and Beyond.
This thing works Amazingly!!!!
 I used it, along with a Mr.Clean eraser.
And my sink was looking brand new in no time.
 And I can't even tell you how in love I am with my new faucet.  It's awesome!  I even had my boys washing dishes just so they could try it out as well.

Even my plumber noticed,  the white sink makes the room feel so much brighter compared to the old black one.
Next I will be painting all of the cabinets in a bright white to go with it.
 I love white kitchens!

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