Monday, November 24, 2014

A Winter Welcome on my Back Porch

Do you all have snow where you live?
We sure got a lot of it last week.
And it was so crazy since it was the very first snow fall of the season.
I had expected to see a few little snowflakes in the air....  But no,  We got Dumped on!
My boy's even got a snow day out of it. 
It sure was fun.
But it's all starting to melt now.
And now I need to go rake all of the leaves up that I hadn't gotten to yet.
So in my last post, HERE I blogged all about how I painted my back door.
If you missed it, go check it out. The before was really ugly. And you may be surprised at how simple it was to do.
Today I thought I'd just share a few more pictures of how it now looks.
 Because there was sooo much snow the day I planned to photograph it,  I decided to give it a bit of a holiday look.
I brought out this mini Christmas tree and placed it in a big pot, which I spray painted silver.
 I then hung up a stick star on the door.  I think it's a cute alternative to your typical wreath.
(HERE is a tutorial on how to make Stick Stars)
Next to the door are my grandma Nora's ski's 
I bring these babies out every Christmas as a sweet little reminder of her.
Some blankets, pillows and fur create a cozy little place to sit and sip on some hot cocoa.
My favorite part though, is the blue door.  I'm so happy I decided to paint it this color.
It makes me smile every time I come home.
 It really makes for a cheery, winter, welcome.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Painted Back Door

A week or two ago, when it was a nice fall day,  I painted our back door. 
Today as I blog, it is less then 10 degree's outside and snowy.
So, I guess I painted our door at the perfect time, otherwise it would be a project that would just have to wait until spring.
And honestly, I'm not sure why it took me so long to paint it in the first place, 
turns out it's a very simple project.
Seriously, it's that simple!
1 hour + 1 sample size of paint = A beautiful, cheery, welcome.
(Honestly, I think the whole process look even less than an hour)

The back door before:
 It wasn't even painted good in the first place. It needed a second coat, it had a bad texture to it,  and they had even painted all over the door knob. 
 And as you can see, my dog likes to scratch the heck out of it, trying to inform us all when she wants in - I still need to figure out how to put a stop to that.
So the first thing I did was give the whole door a light sanding using my little hand sander.
I then used blue painters tape, and taped around the door knob and over the bottom black rubber piece.
Here is the sample paint that I'm talking about.
You can pick one of these up at Lowes for just a couple bucks. However, I'm sure any home improvement/paint store will have these.
I just happen to be a huge fan of Valspar paint found at Lowes.
This color is called, Night Scape.
And actually it's leftover from the wall hook I painted  in my boy's Minecraft room.
So that just goes to show you how far this little sample size goes.
I poured the paint into a tray.
And then I just brushed the paint on using a large paint brush.
I'm short so I had to use a stool to get the top of the door.
 I let it dry for about 20 minutes and then gave it a second coat. All the time, leaving the door cracked open as to not mess up the fresh paint.

Now a few things I should add, The Valspar sample paint is an indoor, satin finish paint.  So I still need to go over the door with a semi-gloss sealer to protect it from the elements.  But that will have to wait another day.
Also, I was painting a dark color over a dark color, so obviously using a light color over a dark one will require an extra coat.

Here is a sneak peek at what the back door looks like now.
 I'm excited to share more with you all next time.

Our front door is also painted red,  but now I think I'll paint it this same blue, since I love it so much.
Again,  another day:)
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fancy Farmgirls Barn Sale Treasures

Remember my post last week about the
Fancy Farmgirls having a Barn Sale?
Well I went and brought my Mother-in-Law along and we had so much fun.
The chippy old barn was just full of so much cute stuff. And that was just what was left on the last day.
They Fancy Farmgirls have such a great style and their furniture pieces are amazing!
So Today I just wanted to show off all of the treasures I brought home.
Great tower of stuff, hu? It's all so Me!
And how cute is this whale?
I've placed it alongside the stack of cutting boards in my kitchen. I've also added my new textured rolling pin to the mix.
I picked up this accordion wine rack. . .
and spray painted it when I got home.
It fits in perfectly in my dining room.
As for the wicker baskets, I have them stacked next to my front door.
I plan of filling the baskets up with all of our winter hats, gloves, scarves, etc. 
That is actually my project for today, since it is currently snowing for the first time of the season. And this morning was a bit chaotic trying to find all of our winter gear,
Possibly my favorite treasure, is this Huge elk antler. I just have it sitting on the dresser for now, But I'm excited to play around with it more in my Holiday decorating.
The Fancy Farmgirls actually had quite a few of them.  They said their dad just finds them on his Ranch.  Which I think is really cool.
I'm still deciding on where to put the nautical thermometer, but as for now, I have it outside, since it really does work.

Thank you, Fancy Farmgirls for having such a great sale, and for all of my new treasures. 
 I look forward to the next one

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall at my House

Blogland, Pinterest, and Instagram may all be decorated up for Christmas,
But at my house, It's still Fall.
When I look out the window, I see big full amber colored trees, 
I see scattered fallen leaves on the ground.
The air is still warm yet crisp.
And there are even a couple of pumpkins sitting on my porch.
I am in no rush to put out a Christmas tree.
I'm just living in the moment.
And right now, the moment is Fall.
Don't get me wrong, I do look forward to Christmas and Winter. 
And I am no means a Hater or Judging any of you who may or may not have a tree up in your living room at this very moment...  and maybe you even have a few more trees throughout your home :)
That's Ok. I will be joining in on the fun later.
But in the mean time, have a look around my home decorated for Fall.
 In my last post I blogged all about my newly painted black dining room chairs. (Seen HERE.)
I also promised to show you more around my dining room. So have a look around.
I changed a few of the plates that are on the wall, I wanted a more subtle look.
I plan to add a few more plates to the wall soon.  I have been slowly collecting them.
 One of my favorite parts about the room are these corner hutches. Original to the 1924 home.
They are perfect for housing all of my white dishes.
Speaking of dishes, I have set a simple fall table using some new dishes that I recently picked up at the dollar store....yes the dollar store. And I love them!
 I then brought in some pretty branches from outside, placed them in a white pitcher and scattered a few honey crisp apples around. Simple and pretty.
 This blog post was originally just going to be about my dining room, but then I realized there were a few new things that I haven't shown you yet. 
One being this entry wall here:
 Here is a close-up of the frames. I purchased them on sale at Micheals.
I then ordered two of my favorite black and white pictures through Snapfish.
 I think they are exactly what that wall was needing. I also brought in a few items like the bench and stool to keep the look grounded. It was a little tricky decorating this area because it's a pass way and so I couldn't have anything that would stick out too much.
To the right of the dining room is the Kitchen. I blogged about decorating the nook area in this post HERE. 

Another thing new in this room is this white Pottery Barn chair.
Can you believe I picked it up at the Idaho Youth Ranch for 25 dollars?
What a find, right? It's in great shape, almost looks new, no stains.
However, it makes me wonder.
 It is actually a piece from a sectional.
So where is the rest of the couch? 
I have No idea, but I'm so glad it found a home in my living room.
 It fits in Perfectly. And it is super comfy.
 I know my home is pretty muted. Some people like to give me a hard time about it. But I like it this way.  However, I am thinking of darkening up the wall color a bit....Maybe?
And to finish off the tour, a little peak into the sunroom, Which I blogged about not too long ago.
But don't be surprised that I've switched up the pillows since then.

 So there is my Home decorated in Fall. 
Stay Tuned for my Home decorated in Christmas.... Next Month :)

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