Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hanging Plates in our Dining Room

I absolutely adore a collection of plates hanging on the wall.
 And I always knew I wanted to create a plate display in our dining room.

So I have been collecting cute plates for a while now.

I decided my collection was complete after picking up these two beauties from Ikea.
(I blogged all about my trip to Ikea while we were in S.L. for Spring break HERE)

I also bought special plate hangers for them, because I wanted to make sure that they were up there safe.

 As for the other plates, I wasn't too protected of them since most of them just came from the thrift store.
 I simply just hung those up using a paper clip and Gorilla tape, an idea I found on Pinterest.

 I had gotten them all hung up on the wall and loved the look.
 It was just what I was hoping for. But  then.....

Apparently the Gorilla tape and paper clip didn't work so well.  But the sad part is not only did I loose one of the thrift store no-big-deal plates, it also took my large pretty Ikea plate with it.  I was super sad!
 But once I wiped away the tears, I searched my cupboards for a back up plan, and this is what I came up with:

 I think it still turned out great, and it kept with the idea I was going for.  The difference being the blue bunt pan that I think now adds a little more charm, and a large white plate that keeps the look simple.
All plates are now hung by plate hangers :)

I think my little blue stool ties in perfectly now.

 And here are a few pictures of the full room. 

I am actually going to get a new-old table.  My mother in law just moved and we have decided to swap tables.  This one will fit into her kitchen perfectly and in exchange I will be getting a larger one, that will be great for entertaining. So I'm excited for that.

Thank you all for stopping by today.
If I'm not back by the end of the week, I wish you all a Happy Easter!


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Monday, April 14, 2014

Framing a Burlap Coffee Sack

My husband's Uncle owns a store in Salt Lake called, Backyard Birds.  It's an incredibly fun and whimsical store that sells bird houses, yard decor, and so much more. 
We stopped in while we were down visiting over Spring break. I picked up a cool outdoor lantern that is solar powered. It looks so neat hanging from our patio, so now I want to get a couple more. 
 Anyway,  while we were there I noticed a pile of burlap sacks stashed in a corner, 
I guess a lot of the birdbaths come packaged with burlap around them.  
They told me I could just take whatever I wanted for free.
So I grabbed these two here:

I decided I wanted to frame the black and brown one in the frame I just got from Ikea.

 All I did was cut the front of the sack off and trimmed it down to size.
I then ironed it on a high setting. Then using duct tape, pulling the sides down I taped it to the back of the picture frame.

Easy enough!
 I found that the best place to hang it was in my kitchen.
You may remember, I had an old rake hanging here previously.

 I think it ties nicely into the room.

What do you think?
Thank you, Backyard Birds!
And thank you all for stopping by,

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Trip to IKEA, Bedroom Progress, And a Pug Party

 A lot has been going on these last few weeks.
So I thought I'd share a few things with you all today.
The first being my trip to Ikea... one of my most favorite stores ever!  Seriously I could spend all day in Ikea... and I really come close, I do.
We took a quick trip to Salt Lake for Spring Break.  Spent a little time with some family, but mainly we went so I could go shopping.  Ha Ha.  My husband and boys HATE Ikea, so I went with my mother- in- law and we met up with my sister.  I had such a fun day. 
Here are all of the goodies I bought:

Of course I got some pillows! 
I don't think I have ever come out of Ikea without at least one pillow.
I got two feathered euro pillows and a set of two white pillowcases  to go with them.  Then I got a pretty linen pillow with a feathered insert,  I was thinking they would all look great together on my bed.
And lastly I just loved this blue and white nautical pillow.

 I also fell in love with this white butter dish.  

  I have had my eyes on these plates for awhile now,  I can't wait to show you were they ended up in my home.

 I  also got a pretty wood frame, which I will also share where that ended up.  I got a new step stool for the boy's bathroom so that my little Jax can now see himself in the mirror.  I picked up a black sink caddy that doesn't fit my sink so it now works as a drawer organizer, and lastly I got a new wood cutting board and wooden spoon. 
 I really got a great pile of goods, eh?  
It's probably a good thing Boise doesn't have an Ikea,  I already want to go back.

 The two euro shams were meant to go on my bed, but I had thrown them on my couch and really liked the extra cushion and grander look it gave it.  
So ya, I need to go back to Ikea for 2 more shams for my bed.

 The nautical pillow fits in great with my living room, as I knew it would.

O.K. so Moving on. 
What I have currently been working on is painting our master bedroom.
Before it was the same tan as all of the rest of our house.

And Now it is getting painted with a whole lot of beautiful white.
(The color is called Subway Tile by Valspar)
It is lighting up the room SO much!

It is such a big job since it's a large room and also because the color continues in the closet and down the stairs.
 But I'm almost done painting it all, now I'm just freshening up all of the trim, giving it a coat of bright white paint.
Can't wait to be done already!

And Lastly, I just wanted to share that my little pug, Abby turned 10 years old!

She got a new collar, lots of treats and we took her to the Pug Meetup, where 50+ Pugs helped her celebrate her special day.

 I Love this Sweet Dog!

So that is what I have been up to.
What have you all been doing for your Spring Breaks?

Thanks for Stopping by,

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Neighbors Remodel

Hey All!
So remember the story I told HERE about meeting the contractor who had done all of the amazing work on our new home prior to us buying it?
His name is Dustin and he had basically gutted our house, put in the new kitchen, added the upstairs, finished off the basement and added all the beautiful molding in our home, all with keeping the old charm of the house.

Well I had met Dustin because he was currently working on remodeling our neighbors home.
I talked him into letting me have a sneak peek into the home, and of course I brought my camera along.
I timed it so perfectly too, since he was just wrapping up the job.
O.K. so have a look!
I am such a fan of his, he does such beautiful work.

So my neighbors have turned their whole upstairs into a master suite.  It is basically one large room with several small rooms along each side.  This room below will be used as a nursery,

 with extra storage.

Here is the master bath.  I love that sink! The molding above it is great too.

All of the doors in the space are glass, and then Dustin has found these gorgeous vintage knobs and plates online.

 The other side rooms include a his closet, her closet, and even a home gym that will have a full wall mirror.
The main room also has wall mounted accent lights and is set up and wired for a large wall t.v.
Isn't is wonderful?  I told ya he does good work. 

So I'm sure you all want to know the color of the room, Right?
It is SW - Jubilee
I love it,  It really makes the white molding pop. I'm seriously thinking of re-painting our living/dining room in it.

Well Thanks for stopping by,

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The House Gardener by Isabelle Palmer

Are you like me and need a little help when it comes to houseplants?
Or are you already an expert gardener who might be looking for a little growing inspiration?
Either way, I have an amazing book for you!

CICO Books has invited me to take part in the book tour for this very inspiring book:

The House Gardener
Ideas and Inspiration for indoor gardens
by Isabelle Palmer

The House Gardener is Isabelle Palmer's second book following her first book, The Balcony Gardener.
Isabelle Palmer shares her creative and unique ideas for a small space garden in your home.  
She is truly talented!

In this book, Isabelle Palmer shows you how to choose, grow and decorate with houseplants, as well as guide you through the different techniques needed to care for your new "green guests."

In the first chapter, Enclosed in Glass, Isabelle shows you how to use various glass objects, such as bottles, vases, and even wine glasses to create your own miniature gardens and watch them grow.
I especially loved this one where she has created her own little pond, using bogwood and an aquatic plant.

The second chapter, Old Finds, is all about using unexpected objects as containers, as well as recycling old ones. Here Isabelle has planted thyme bushes into a crate. Throughout the book Isabelle shares so many great planting ideas.

The third chapter is dedicated to Hanging Gardens.  I have always loved hanging plants, they add a stunning focal point in your home. But would you have ever thought to frame a plant, such as moss or succulents?  Isabelle Palmer has created some beautiful works of living art.

This book is not just about indoor plants, in the fourth chapter Isabelle also shares some ways to add plants just outside of a house or apartment. From window sills to front doors to balconies, she has smart ideas. Isabelle shows you how to create a welcoming entrance, how to establish your own little retreat, and even how to grow your own outside salad garden.

The last chapter, Tools, Materials and Techniques is the most helpful, especially for a beginner gardener like myself.
Isabelle covers the basics of growing houseplants from start to finish.
Here, Isabelle is sharing how to cut fresh flowers for display.

Not only have I learned so much from reading this book, I have also been so wonderfully inspired.  I am going to go give some much needed attention to my highly neglected house plants.

Thank you, Isabelle Palmer for creating this beautiful book.
Thank you CICO Books for inviting me to take part in this book tour.
And Thank you all for stopping by today,

Happy Gardening!

The House Gardener by Isabelle Palmer is published by CICO Books and is available from

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