White brick fireplace

This is the fireplace that came with the house. 
Therefore, second on the To Do list was to paint it. Nothing against the brick, the room just felt super dark. We also took out the wood burning stove.

I Love having a really big fireplace in the room.
But we're not too attached to the brick.  I'd like to cover half of it up and add some molding and a big chunky wood mantel.  Or Jake's idea is to cover it up in river rock. But since we really haven't decided what to do with it yet, painting it for now was the easiest option.

I just used a water base, White Latex paint, but that's only because that's what I had on hand.  I'm sure a professional would tell you to use a fire resistant paint.  It's not a problem for us now since I'm too scared to have a fire with my little ones running around.  But one day I would like to start using it,  so I'll probably need to put a  special treatment on it.

The Best part of having a fire place is decorating the mantel.  I tend to re-decorate mine every couple of months.  So I have decided to keep a little log for every time I change it.
 Have a Look at my mantels past.
  a little nautical

A little whimsical.

Halloween 2009
Black, white and simple

 Summer 2010

This is an older post that I am Updating, so the following pictures have links below them that will take you to the related post.

Coconut Kitchen { Before and After}

This is what the kitchen looked like when we bought the house, so obviously painting the cabinets was on the top of the To Do list.

If you have never painted cabinets before and would like to, let me teach you how.
Step 1: Recruit all friends and family to help.
(This is my wonderful mother and uncle in-law hard at work).

Step 2: Take off all hardware and doors and lightly sand everything.

Step 3: Prime and paint. I used an oil base paint, I know most people stray away from oil base, but I was told that it will hold up much nicer.  

The one nice thing about oil base is that you can actually store your paint brushes in the freezer without cleaning them. The oil base keeps them from freezing.  Then you only need to clean them once when the job is all done.
My Tips: Paint the inside of your cabinets too. You'll be glad you did when you open them up. And lastly be prepared to be painting for a good week straight, since you can only paint one side of the doors at a time and then with all of the touch-ups.  It's a big job!

But the end result is all worth it. A brand new kitchen from a can of paint!!

By removing one of the cupboard doors, I now have a place to display my favorite dishes.

We also added new hardware.
I also painted the counter tops. There is a special counter top paint by rust-oleum. I chose the color, taupe but they have about 20 different colors to choose from. Then you just roll it on and wait a couple days for it to dry. It's a small can, but I only used half of it. So I have extra for any future touch-up.  It's held up surprising well.

We have also put in a new stainless steel stove, hood and fridge.
I'd still love new floors, lighting and back splash. So hopefully I'll be posting more updates of the kitchen in the future.

Update to this Post:
Want to learn more about my painted counter tops?  Go here.
Want to see how my kitchen looks currently?  Go here.

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Twine Wrapped Curtain rod

So I have come up with a very inexpensive, yet stylish curtain rod for my kitchen and I wanted to share it with you today.


I started off with a plain white cheap-cheap curtain rod.

I wrapped some twine around it. I used at least 200 feet of jute garden twine. It takes some time to do, so if you think you'll try it, think about doing it in front of the t.v. or chatting with friends. Also you'll want to give your hands a rest every so often.

It takes a bit of time, but I think the end result is much more pleasant to look at then the white metal.

And it goes great with my curtains that have a twine stripe sewn into them 
(purchased at World Market).

I think this would also look so great if I used a larger rope.  It would give it a cool nautical look.

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Extior Dreams for The Wicker House

Wicker: A flexible plant branch or twig, as of a willow, used in weaving baskets or furniture.
I named this blog the wicker house after the huge willow tree in my front yard. Also, looking around one day I realized I own a lot of wicker pieces; baskets, bags, furniture, etc. I think I just love it for of it's natural beauty and its golden honey and rye colors.

We bought our little blue single family home 4 years ago. We originally thought it would be a starter home for us, but with the way the market is today it looks like we will be here for a while. Which I guess is ok, It motivates me to fix it up, and make it Ours.

And the truth is, I would be very sad to leave this house. See that 4 month old baby in the picture... We'll he's now 4 years old, with a little brother. This house is full of precious memories!

[ The back yard]

Ok so it's been a little bit of a fixer-upper. Mostly just in desperate need of some TLC. I'll be posting lots of pictures of the changes I have made to it.
Unfortunately, the front of the house still looks about the same, we've wanted to paint it ever since we bought it. We've gotten some estimates.. it's pretty pricey. But one day...... It might just look something like this:

or this.

I love the grey with white trim, the carriage garage doors, the stone walk way, the beautiful landscaping with climbing roses, and of course we'll have a little white picket fence.


When I was 21 years young, I saved up and bought my first home. It was a little yellow bungalow built in 1910. My father who is a contractor could have killed me.... Old homes need lots of work! But somehow I still got him to re-drywall two of the old uneven plastered walls and put in a new kitchen floor. I painted the interior, hung a few new lights but that's all I could really afford or take on at that time. Although looking back, I have lots of ideas for that little house. I only lived there for a few years and then sold it. I got married, moved to an apartment in Ohio, where all we really had was a couch and a bed and that's about it. That was 8 years ago so to look around our home now at how much stuff we have, Its Crazy!!
From that time to now, I think I've learned a lot about my style (which isn't really any particular style at all). I'm a little eclectic, a little beachy, a little shabby. All I really know is what I like and what I'm drawn to. I love farmhouses and cottages, I love white ( I always want to paint everything white) I'm inspired by the seaside. I love blue's and green's. I love Wicker! And other natural elements like wood, plants, seashells, etc. I love rusty old metal, I love photos hung all over the walls, I love stripes. I love digging through yard sales and flea markets for "treasures". Really I just love casual, clean, unique, creative spaces that have a real lived-in loved look.

I think your home should grow with you. Tell a story. change with the seasons, the weather, your mood, your cherished treasures and the places you've been. I love to see old pictures of my home. I'm so proud at how far it has come, and I'm so excited to see where it can go.

The reason for this blog is to capture the journey. I want to share my home and ideas and hopefully inspire others.

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