Camping = Redecorating the Kitchen

It All Started................
A few weeks ago when my little family took a camping trip to the Idaho mountains.

We camped next to this beautiful river. It had pockets of hot springs. We were having such a wonderful time...Until Liam lost his flip flop down the river. He was so sad. He loved those shoes.

Luckily, there was a teeny tinny little grocery store near by. This was their actual sign. I thought it was so cute. I was a little tempted to steal it. But in stead I just took a picture of it.

They happened to have a box of random shoes. We found a pair for Liam to get-by in. We then continued to have a wonderful time camping.

As soon as we got home, I had to make me a knock-off of their cute sign. So I found some old wood on the side of the house. Brushed off all the spider webs. Painted it white. Sanded it down really good. Then stenciled on the letters.

I think I found the perfect spot for it.

I then wanted to make a few more changes in the kitchen.
So I took down my bamboo shade and hung fabric in the window.

Brought in this...this...I'm not sure what to call it. I was using it to hang my jewelry before.
But it works perfect for my little tea cups.

And then to tie in the "other side of my kitchen" I added some blue bottles and jars to my wood crate on the kitchen table.
 And there you have it!
 Isn't it funny the places you find inspirations?

A package from Cabbages & Roses

My Package has Arrived!
Do you remember a while back when I was bragging about winning a giveaway? Marley and Lockyer was writing a review on a Cabbages & Roses Book, At home with country, and had a giveaway of this lovely shopper tote and scented candle........ Oh my gosh, it smells so good. As soon as I open up the box my whole house filled up with the smell of tuberose & ylang.

They surprised me by adding in this cute little notebook.

The inside of the notebook has this vintage ledger....and look it even has my name, Emile

They also surprised me with these darling black and white photo cards, with matching long skinny envelopes. I love them.


I was so impressed with this company, Cabbages and Roses, That I searched their website and came across so many beautiful things that I wanted to share with you. But you should also check it out for yourself. They sell Lovely fabrics, homewares, vintage items, and even clothes. Mostly all made in England. They also have a couple stores in London....If you're ever lucky enough to be there.

Simply Lovely!

A Mantel Display Using Burlap

My Mantel just can NOT stay still!
If you follow this blog......You know, I like to change my mantel display often. I think it just changes the whole feel of the room. This display was inspired by burlap. It may be hard to see from my pictures, but I've used burlap in the frames.

The Simplify sign, burlap, and burlap trim were all purchased at Hobby Lobby for less than$10.

I wrapped the burlap trim around a couple of my white pillows. It really dresses them up. And ties the rest of the room in with the mantle.

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