Boho Chic

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Today I'm feeling Very Bohemian. There is something about Boho Chic that reminds me of fall. It makes me want to cover my couch in colorful fabric and lots and lots of pillows. Cover my walls with lots of photos. Light a bunch of candles and incense and listen to Fleetwood Mac all day long.

If I could raid any body's closet, it would be this Chic's!

Bohemian Romance

Bohemian Beautiful

Bohemian Chill

I think I want a hammock in my house.

Bohemian Cool

Love the curtain made out of scarves.

A bohemian hideout.

Elle Decor
{Sorry I think that may be the only source I know}

Picture Gallery Book Shelf

I've been craving a change of view for a while now. So yesterday I rearranged half of my house. I'm not finished yet, I have some large bookshelves to paint and a t.v. (with all of its accessories) to move. Jake tells me to,
 "live with it for a while to make sure you like it"
before he tackles the t.v. move......Probably a good idea!
I had this old shelf out on the patio holding all of our garden supplies, but I decided to bring it in and use it to display some of my favorite family pictures.
I like all of the pops of white against the browns. It feels very rustic to me. 
Perfect for fall!


I Love You Pottery Barn!

If I could live anywhere in the world....It would be in a Pottery Barn Magazine! Seriously can they do any wrong? I think Not! So I just spent my morning browsing their website and thought I'd share my favorites with ya.

This is actually a quilt that goes on a bed. What an Awesome idea to hang it on a wall.

Beautiful Bathroom, Although in reality I don't think you would want those large windows open like that for all your neighbors to see.

I'm totally contemplating painting a wall in my house this blue and hang up a gallery of pictures. It's gorgeous here but it just may be too much in my little house.

Love a white bedroom.

I really really want to see the rest of this room.

and I really really want this t.v. stand.

and I want to eat my breakfast at this table.

See what I'm saying, You totally start picturing yourself living in these rooms....Well I do at least.

I love everything about this room....But the rug and the two glass hurricane's in the background....oh wait that's just the reflection. If I lived here, I'd take them out.

And lastly, a cozy little bedroom. Just makes you want to cuddle up with good book on a chilly day.

Barn Wood Mirror Makeover

My Bathroom mirror BEFORE was a standard full size mirror you find in most bathrooms.

I found some old wood by the side of our house. I cleaned it up, cut it (or had Jake cut it. I'm a big wimp when it comes to saw's).

I painted it the same Mid Winter Sky blue as the ceiling. If you try this at home, remember to paint both sides of the wood because of the reflection on the back side.

I sanded it down really good with my little hand sander.

Then I used liquid nails to attach it to the mirror. ( I used duck tape to hold it in place while the glue dried.

I also made this Beach well as a few more. I'll show them to you another day.

I came across this cute mirror today. I'm sure you've already seen it. Life in the fun lane used driftwood, and attached it to her mirror.
Both are easy to do and make a standard mirror look more interesting.

My Painted House

After living in a baby blue house for 4.5 years. We finally got it painted. I'm so happy with it. It feels like I have a brand new house.

The Before:

The Color is called Rock Wall, with Apple White trim.
{Kelly Moore paint}.

I surprised myself by opening up the Huge fan deck of colors and pointed to one and said

"That's It!"
Then held my breath until I actually saw it on the house. It's difficult picturing what a 2" block of color will look like on an entire house. But it ended up being the Perfect Color.

The Backyard Before:

The Backyard After:



The Side of the house Before:

The Side of the House After:

Now it looks like I have some Landscaping work to do, to keep up with my cute little house.


My favorite color in the whole world is Turquoise. White being a close second. One of my favorite blogs to go to for inspirations is House of Turquoise. Erin is also Obsessed with the color. As well as teal, robin's egg blue, aqua, sky blue, sea foam green and ocean blue. Her Blog is stocked full of Blue eye candy, I could... and often do, spend hours getting lost in her blog. Here are a few of my Personal Favorites I stole from her blog to share with you all.

I want this chandelier.

It's the color of the sky and the ocean. Makes me think of summer....which I'm not ready to let go of yet. We still have 2 more weeks left before Fall, and I'm going to savor them!

Hope you All have a great weekend.