Monogrammed Candles

 I think monogrammed gifts are both thoughtful and special. By adding a simple initials to a plain white candle makes this the perfect little gift to show someone you care.

Step 1: clean and dry a plain white candle.

Step 2: using a stencil, paint on recipients initial, Or in this case I made a large letter using a simple font on Microsoft Office. Then I taped it onto the candle, traced it using a mechanical pencil and gave it a little bit of pressure to make an indent. Then carefully, with a steady hand I painted in the outline. Let Dry.
NOTE: I used black craft paint, apparently there is a special Wax paint that may work better, I just had trouble finding it.

Step 3: Mod Podge over the paint to seal it. (regular glue would probably work too. You just want to make sure that the paint wont scratch off)
I made the "S" for me of course. And then the "k C k" for my little sister as a wedding gift.

Wrap it up in some clear cellophane, add a big bow and a tag and it's ready to give.

Friday Feature @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Kristen at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia was nice enough to do a Friday Feature on my little blog. Please Go check it out. I'm sure you're all all ready followers of her, but if not you're in for a treat.

Burlap Candy Sack

This is a great little gift to pass out to friends and neighbors. By adding an initial it makes this gift personal and thoughtful to the person who receives it.

For this project you will need:

-A scrap of burlap
-a sewing machine
-craft paint
-ribbon, yarn or string
-candy canes

First sew a simple bag using the burlap. 
You want the bag to be longer then a candy cane with room to fold over but not too wide or you'll need extra candy.
Then stencil on the recipients initial by placing a piece of paper in the bag first, so the paint doesn't leak onto the back side and then paint over the stencil with a craft or fabric paint.

I stuffed tissue paper in the bottom of the bag to give it more shape. 
I then filled the bag with candy canes and tied with a simple ribbon scrap. 
Another variant of this bag is to make it large enough to fit a wine bottle.

Cereal box Magazine holder

Using empty cereal boxes I created some cute magazine holders.
These are so easy to make and they look great sitting on a shelf.

For this project you will need:
-A Large Cereal Box.
-2 12x12 sheets of decorative paper (2 for 1 box)
-Mod Podge

To make, first cut off the top of the cereal box, then using a ruler draw a line across the box (I left 3 inches on top and 4 1/4 on side) cut out. Use cut off piece as a template for the opposite side.
Trace Cereal box onto decorative paper, cut out then Mod Podge on. (use directions on container)
Note: Let an inch of the the paper hang over the edges of the box, this is so you can fold it over like a present on the bottom of the box, I used some of the left over paper and placed in the center, to fill in the gap.

I think they turned out really cute, but the problem with these ones is that they don't actually fit a magazine in them. I think the economy is making our cereal boxes shrink. 
 It does however fit bills really well.

Decorating For Fall

I often joke that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. But there may be some truth to that. It's a time when family and friends gather around, sharing what your Thankful for and 
Pigging out!

So to get ready for my favorite holiday, I did a little Thanksgiving decorating around the house.
A cute little white pumpkin, sits on an old stool in our entry way.

A few other pumpkins and some pretty fall leaves decorate the shelves in the dining room.

And lastly some Indian corn make a festive center piece.

We are enjoying this magical time of year around here.
With all of the pretty colors,
And all of the fallen leaves to play in.

Happy Fall!

Cha Cha Cha Changes

Remember a while back I was telling you how I had rearranged my entire house and was going to post pictures? 
Well that is what I am doing today!
First of all, I think I have committed the Biggest Decorating NO NO Ever!!
I put my couch in front of the fireplace!!
It's not the prettiest fireplace in the world and I think I just got sick of looking at it. Also, we just got a new humongous t.v. and I didn't want it to be the first thing you see when you walked into the room.

I can't wait to decorate it all up for Christmas. I'm thinking some stockings hanging above the couch will be so cute.

For the mantel display, I just stacked a ton of books, layered in some pictures and rocks, and called it good. I also hung up a metal sun, which is made to go outside but....
 apparently I'm a rule-breaker now.

The other exciting change was that we moved the boys into one room together. In Bunk Beds!!!
I know, pretty exciting!
It was a little sad saying goodbye to Jaxon's nursery, but we needed his room for our home office.
The office was in our master bedroom before, so It's been so nice having it out of there.
Oh the Joy of small homes!
My next big project will be painting this room. 
I think I'll wait until after the holidays. That will give me time to choose a color.

I'm thinking either white, light blue, or even navy.

And the last change was to my hair. You all probably know me as a blonde, but the truth is I'm actually a Red head! And Jake wanted his Red head back.

So From Blonde to.....

PINK! (ooooops!) Then to the Salon.................

Then back to Red.
And I know you're all singing it now too... Cha Cha Cha Changes..... It's a catchy one!