Christmas Came Early!

About a week ago I won this Awesome Apothecary Jar from a Giveaway at Small Holdings Farm.
So Imagine my Surprise when I got a knock on my door Yesterday from the UPS man holding a large box. YIPPEEE ! I was soo excited I tore through the box so fast. I Love it!!
Small Holdings Farm is a Barn Store located in Aquebogue, NY. You can also shop Online.
It is owned by Sherron Francis and Walter King
They build custom made farm tables. They also sell One of a kind items...... which I picked out a few of my favorites pictured above. (assorted Hand poured scented soy candles, wooden signs, Vintage Wire Baskets with Handles, Plus a wide variety of Garden Items).

They also sell painted Furniture. I'm in Love with both of these pieces. But you have to be able to Pick-up.

And Lucky for you, They are having another Giveaway!!!
They've hand poured soy candles into these vintage, green glass pharmaceutical jars from the 1930's.
So Head over to enter now
You have until January 3rd. at Midnight.
I Love them, But I think I better let someone else have a chance. I don't want to be greedy now.

So Anyway, here is my new Jar. I have placed it in my Kitchen.

I've been thinking about all the different things I could use it for.

Right now it is holding my chocolate Popcorn.

It's delicious. I just popped a bag of plain popcorn. Melted a box of white chocolate, poured over the top then stirred in coconut, Craisins and bits of candy cane.
Thanks Again Small Holdings Farm!

Oh Christmas Tree

I think everybody has their own idea of what Christmas should look like. It probably has something to do with what it looked like for you growing up. For me its Red and Green with pine cones and holly berries.
We placed the tree in front of the window this year. Which looks really pretty from the outside.

Liam (my 5 year old) thinks we really really need to have a star at the top of the tree and this poinsettia just isn't cutting it. So I'm on the lookout for a really cute star.

I'm just loving these white berry clusters that I found at the dollar store, they make the tree almost look like it has snow on it. Plus the White just really pops out.

The Peace and Joy letters are from Pottery Barn years ago.

And you remember my Glass Ornaments I did here.

I also got a couple of these jingle bells at the dollar store.
And here are just a few other favorites. The ribbon balls are also from Pottery Barn 2 years ago.
My Tree at night. For some reason I just don't think pictures do Christmas trees justice. They are always more beautiful in person.

I now have a red tree skirt under the tree, and I'm also thinking of adding some branches sticking out. We'll see.

My Christmas Mantel

This year I've decided to go for a Cheery, Wintery Christmas mantel. I brought in some Branches from my Pine tree, added some Winter photos, a White Feathered Wreath, Raindeer and fake Snow.

I added a little burlap strip to two large soup cans, to hold my pine branches.

This is the one time of year that I love having a Red Couch. I know it may seem weird that I placed it in front of the fireplace, but I'm really enjoying the change of view.

Who wants Hot Cocoa and Candy Canes?

A little peek at my tree. I'll be posting more photos of it soon.

Today I will be linking up

Christmas Card Boxes

What do you do with all of your Christmas Cards after the holiday is over?
Instead of throwing them out, Why not recycle them into great little gift boxes.
I will show you step by step instructions on how to make these cute and easy re-purposed Christmas card Boxes. They are fun to make for adults and children alike.
First choose a card. It can be any size as long as it is A Rectangle. You want one with the picture in the center of card.

Step 1: Carefully tear the card apart on the Center Seam.

Step 2: Cut 1/4 inch off the back half of card, Longways. This is very Important because this will be the bottom of your box; if you do not cut it this way, then it will not fit inside the lid later.
(Don't worry if there is writing on the card, this can easily be covered with tissue paper. Also cards usually have a message in the center which becomes a cute little surprise inside of your box)
Step 3: Next find the center of the card by lining a ruler from corner to corner. Make a small pencil mark in the center, repeat on other side until you have an X. This will be your center point. This can be erased later on.
Step 4: Fold Long side over to center of X. Using your finger or bone folder, make a crease.

Repeat on other side, then unfold.

Step 5: Now fold over the short sides to center of X and crease.

Step 6: Make small cuts on the creases of all 4 short sides, Stopping where creases on the long sides meet.
(Thank goodness for my picture above or you would have no clue what I'm talking about, Right?)

Step 7: Fold in the 4 flaps on the long sides, then fold over the 2 flaps on the short sides. Tape or glue them into place.

You now have the lid of your box.
Step 8: Repeat Steps 4-7 on the second half of the card. This will be the bottom half of your box

Place the bottom of the box into the lid and it should look something like this.

These boxes are the perfect size for jewelry, hair clips, gift cards, money or even chocolates.
They can also be used for Christmas tree decorations or stocking stuffers.

Another Idea for re-purposing those Christmas cards is to turn them into tags to either hang from your tree or as a gift to a friend.

Just cut out the picture on a card, glue it to a piece of white card stock, punch holes at the top, then feed a ribbon through. On this one I also added glitter and trimmed it with scalloped scissors.

Have fun & Recycle at the same time!


Hot Pad Eyeglass holder

I saw this idea awhile ago and thought it was pretty clever.
 This would make a great gift to give to a friend who wears eye glasses. I guess you could use it for sunglasses as well. Start off with an everyday hot pad.
I have used a Christmas hot pad, but any hot pad will do.
Fold it in half longways. Sew both bottom and side edges (it's pretty thick so you may need to hand sew it or use a heavy duty needle) Leave top open.
{Most hot pads have a handy little hooks on them. Just remember to make that your top}

These are really easy and inexpensive to make.
You can make one for yourself, and one for all of your friends as Christmas gifts.
Give alone or along with a good book.

T-Shirt Bag

With just a few easy steps you can turn any T-shirt into a handy little bag. Stick it in your purse for an extra little shopping tote. Use it for the gym, the library, or the beach. You'll be sure to find many uses for this lightweight bag. It would also make a great gift. Customize it for the person your giving it to. For Example a school logo, a concert tee, a favorite brand, etc. Step 1: Lay flat a clean, ironed T-shirt (this one is a women's size L)

Step 2: Cut off sleeves just inside seem line.

Step 3: Using a large bowl as a guide, trace out neck with a waterproof marker or chalk.

Step 4: Cut out on marked line.
You could then inside out and sew seem at bottom. This is how all the instructions I found said to do it, however I thought it looked too much like a tank top.

So instead I turned the shirt so that the side seems were centered.

I then trimmed the neck of the tee to look more rounded. You just need it big enough to fit your arm through.
Step 5: Hem around arm and neck holes. This gives it a more finished look.
Step 6: Inside out and Sew right above seem line on the bottom edge of tee.
Then throw it over your shoulder and your ready to go!