Homemade Baby Gifts

I'm another Lucky Aunt! Two Baby Girls were born into our family this month, Camila Andrea and Hadalee Jo. Both Babies are healthy and Beautiful.
I made them both the same little gifts and thought I'd share how easy it all was to make.
The First thing I made was these Hooded Bath Towels. (Someone made them for my boys when they were babies and we still use them. So I knew they would be a good, practical gift to give.)

The First thing you will need Is one Bath Towel and one Hand Towel.
Cut the hand towel in half, this will be your hood.
(I actually found that the bath towel didn't cost too much more then the hand towel, so I just traced and cut out a hand towel onto the bath towel, Plus then I had extra towel to use for the burp clothes I will be showing you next.)

Fold the Hand towel in half, right side in, Then sew down the raw edge side.

Next you'll make a cuff by folding over the opposite side of the towel. Pin and sew. This is the part that frames the face. The hood is now complete.

Ok, this is where it gets a little tricky.
You're going to sew the hood onto the bath towel.

Fold the Bath Towel in half to find the center. Next find the center of your hood, Lay the hood onto the bath towel, matching the centers together. Pin into place.

Then Sew together. (make sure your seem will be in the inside of your hooded towel.)

You now have a Hooded Towel. You could also then add some patches, or a name on that back, but I'm a beginner sewer so I just kept it simple.

The next thing I made was some burp clothes.
For this project you will need a towel and some coordinating fabric.

Lay the fabric over the towel right sides OUT. I then took a burp cloth I already had to use as a guide. Pin all layers together and then cut out. (if you don't already have a burp cloth, you could make your own pattern by folding newspaper in half and tracing a small plate, until you get the right shape.) Or I'm sure you you could also find a pattern online.

Then Stitch around the edge leaving about a 1/4 inch.
Like I said, I'm a beginner sewer, so I just did a simple stitch, I think after a few washing it will have a cute frayed look. For a more advanced sewer you could use a zigzag stitch or use a serger. I figure.....It's a burp cloth! It's made to get thrown up on, Therefore it doesn't have to be perfect.

I then boxed it all together with some baby soap and this homemade card I blogged about here.
It was all super fun and easy to make.
Hope the little sweethearts like them.


  1. I should make some of these! I remember we used those for our kids all the time. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Love the hooded towels. I have a baby shower to go to next weekend....this is so perfect. Getting started on them tomorrow. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Love it! So sweet and simple! I love your photos, instructions and the color scheme! I'm quite sure the gift was a hit!