Sunday, June 26, 2011

Painting Picture Frames & A Picture Gallery Wall

I had a bunch of  mismatched frames hanging in my hallway that I've been wanting to paint for quite some time now.

The Other day I finally got around to it.
I bought a bunch of different spray paints at the store (Fred Meyers).  I wanted a few of the frames to be colored.  I also picked up several different brands because I wanted to compare them.  My goal was to find out which one worked best.

 I laid out all of my frames onto my trusty old cardboard (seriously, this thing has soo many layers and colors of paint on it. It has been very handy!  Plus it folds up nicely and I can tuck it away in the garage until next time.  Just a little tid bit for ya!).
So here are the two white spray paints I bought.
The Krylon cost $4.19 it was my Least favorite.  It did not have a very good coverage.
The HD Design paint Cost less $2.99  It had a much better coverage, it was a thicker paint,  with a much prettier, milkier color.
Even though I liked the HD Design paint better,  It still did not cover all that great. I may have needed to use a primer first,  also I was trying to cover up black.
I ended up using my basic white latex paint to finish them off.
At the end of the project it would have been easier and less expensive to have just used my latex paint only.
Now moving on to the Colored Spray paint,  I actually found this blue by Rust-olieum/American Accents to be the Very Best.  It covered so Wonderfully in just one coat. And I'm in Love with the color. This will be the brand I buy for all of my future projects.

The Green paint was from Krylon, the same brand as the white that I did not like.  I'm not sure why,  but it left a strange texture on this frame.... but kinda cool.  However I repainted this frame in the same blue mentioned above. 
Just Curious,  Is there a special spray paint that you like to use?

So Again,  Here are my frames Before....

 And now After.
 My Husband, Jake Loves to frame all of our vacation photos.  I have to admit I wasn't really on board at first.  It just seemed like a lot of clutter.  But having them hanging up in the hallway is just a great reminder of all of the fun memories we've had throughout the years.
 Like I said, the before was just allot of mismatched frames,  And now it is more consistent,  brighter and funner. 

 There is plenty of room for more pictures.  I hope to have this wall filled one day.  Looks like we need to start planning some more family vacations!!!

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  1. What a difference the paint made! Fresh - bright - way more fun and suited to holiday photos. Good job - and thanks for the tips.

  2. ^^^ Hahaha. Someone was trying to get a plug-in. Apparently, they paint houses (not frames) and only in Indiana, Ohio, and Penn.

    So, I've always used Krylon spray primer and paint because someone I know who does a lot of DIY jobs highly recommended it, but I'm not sure I'm completely sold on that brand, either. I tend to get a lot of globs or weird textures, which leads to re-sanding, and then re-painting. That's all too much time and work for me. I have a bunch of black frames that I want to paint white... maybe this is the project I will save for that special day when I get you all to myself! Can't wait!!

  3. I love the colors you used~it all looks great! It totally freshened your hallway up!

    I like Rustoleum 2x. It takes fewer coats, and I never get any weirdness.

  4. Love that you used green, white, and blue frames! It looks so pretty and beachy! So much more fun to look at than plain black. :)

  5. Love the frame updates. I agree that they are more fun and fresh looking and especially great for your vacation gallery wall.

  6. I have to agree - tried Krylon and found the coverage was poor. I've always had success with Rustoleum.
    The weird texture may be from holding the paint too close, or the temperature may have been too cold.

  7. I love what you did with your frames. I have an upstairs hallway with lots of frames similar to yours. I need to do what you did. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. I was not happy with the Krylon paint either. I always use Rustoleum spray paint. I also had that funny texture happen when I used Krylon. It did look cool when I lightly sanded it after it dried.

  9. Very pretty and am interesting comment about the spray paint!

  10. I can't get over the difference in the painted ones...thanks for sharing.

  11. I'm a bit late to the party (as always) I've had the same issues when I've used Krylon (which I always assumed, up until when I've used it, was a good brand) It did the same thing to me and I've had coverage issues. I've had great luck with Rustoleum and especially love their American Accents.
    In response to previous commenter stating it may have been too cold, I had done my painting in the summer and the funky paint stuff happened when I did it early one morning (upper 70s to low 80s and no humidity)

  12. I'm glad I found this post. I just purchased some frames from Goodwill this morning to repaint. I have yet to try it so I was wondering can I use the spray paint (the Rustoleum) on all surfaces? I have some wood, some metal, and some I'm not sure! :) Thanks so much!!

  13. Those are nice shades of green and blue that you've chosen for the color of your frames. Bright colors like those would make the room livelier, and they'll definitely catch anyone's attention.

  14. Wall painting is one of the finest methods to decorate a simple plain wall and make it more lively and beautiful. An art by itself, it enhances the decor of a room displaying the classic taste of the buyer and not to forget, the talent and skill of the painter.

  15. Thank you for taking me through the step by step process - it sounds like if I want to paint my frames white I need to use a latex paint. You didnt suggest any brand - i guess i can figure that one out.

  16. The strange texture is normally called "orange-peel" and is caused by one or more factors. In my experience it is usually an area where a paint is applied too thickly or to an unclean surface. Though there are quite a few other possible causes such as cool temperature I would imagine that in this case it would be that the paint was too thick due to overspray. This is quite easy to do with contoured moldings. It is generally best to sand orange-peel off after the paint has dried as it is not well bonded to the surface and may chip later on

  17. Love the frames and colors~!
    I'd like to hear about your (what I am assuming is) growth chart on the wall and the cool door behind it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  27. You did a fabulous job on these! What a huge difference it made, brava!

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