Spooky Halloween Mantel

My Kids are Huge fans of Halloween and had begged me since September to let them decorate for Halloween.
September was a bit too early, So on October 1st we got out all of our decorations and I let them go to town decorating. Then I later tweaked it, just a tad bit.

I kept most of everything that was on my Fall Mantel,  but brought in the pumpkins, spiders, crows and cobwebs.

  I found this skeleton picture by googling skeleton clip art. I'll see if I can find the link and share it with ya.

 I thought I'd also share the Big Pumpkin Liam carved out with his dad.  Love it's little happy face.

 I'm Linking up here today. Come join me, or just come take a look at all of the other fun Halloween Mantels.


  1. You're mantel looks great! I love it all and that Jack-o-lantern is adorable:)

  2. LOL! Sounds like my kids! Your matel turned out very spooky - - I love it.

  3. Your kids must be so happy! I'll bet Hallowe'en is a lot of fun at your house.