Chalkboard Walls

I Love Love Love a Big Chalkboard Wall.
But I really don't have the right kind of wall for one. That got me thinking........I know someone who does!!! This is my sister Natee's wall. If you remember a while back I did a post here with some decorating ideas for her large celery green wall.
She could totally do a big, cool chalk board wall, Right?
It comes in a small can by Rust-oleum or even Benjamin Moore carries it too.
I know that everybody in Blog World has done a post on Chalk board walls already, So it was really easy for me to come up with a ton of inspiration photos... I just stole all of your pictures. hahaha
Wouldn't it be so much fun to write notes and draw pictures on a big chalkboard. I know my little guys would be in Heaven.

I think they are perfect for a Kitchen.

But you could also do one in a bedroom, or any room in the house really.

It also comes in green.
If a whole wall was too much for you, you could always just put up a large chalkboard or frame one out.

Or just do one as a accent, on a door or cupboard.

Hum......This post was meant to inspire my sister, but now I'm going to take another look around my house, I really want one.

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Late Winter / Early Spring Decorating

After taking down all of the Christmas decorations, I needed a fresh new look for my mantel.

The other day, I came across an estate sell where I found this picture frame, candle holder and pom pom trim. Can I just mention how exciting it was for me to rummage through someones house for treasures. So much fun!

The frame and candle holder went on the mantel. I found the vintage botanical images on Pretties and Posies blog here.

I sewed the pom pom trim onto my curtains, As well as added some twigs. I think the twigs really give the room that Late Winter/ Early Spring look that I'm going for.

I also added some of the pom pom trim to a sweet little rose print pillow I made.

My red couch gives a Pop of color to an otherwise all neutral room.

And Once again little Abby Pug had to steal the shot. She's just part of the decor at this point.

The other side of the room.

Also, I thought I'd show off what I've done to the wall above my bed this time. I know, I know, I keep changing it. Here I just brought in some trellis from the garden. And Again it's just temporary, I still plan to remodel the bedroom in the near future. I think eventually I want some painted shutters above the bed.

So are you all looking forward to Spring as much as I am?

Decorating a Kitchen Wall & Window Frames

I got an e-mail from my adorable sister, Natee asking me for help with a little project of hers. She has this very large, empty wall in her kitchen that she doesn't know what to do with. She says she has an old window pane down in her basement that she was thinking of white-washing and hanging there and maybe hang a wreath or a vinyl saying above. I soo wish I lived closer, I would love to drop by and help her decorate it but because we live in different states, I figure I'd show her a few options of what I would do.

Here is a picture of her wall. Don't you just love that Celery Green? and I love what I can see of those curtain's.
So It's a pretty big wall.

I think Ideally she needs a big piece of furniture, like these shelves from pottery barn.

Or how about this large wooden beauty?

A big White hutch would be Lovely. I just found this one here on Miss Mustard Seed's blog, It belongs to Sarah and Drew B

Or instead of a hutch, she could go with bead board walls with pictures above it like here at the Lettered Cottage (although we all know her wall no longer looks like this. She has tore it down to the beams. but I love it both ways)
I know my sister didn't want to spend a lot of money, but those are just some fun ideas to think about.
So here are Natee's window frames. I'm In Love!!! She told me I could have one. (she's so sweet) and as much as I really really want it, I kinda think she should use both of them on her walls and do something like this......

I love the idea of white washing the windows (which by the way I've never done, so if any of you know how or have any tips please let me know in a comment below) and then hang a piece of molding with a bunch of hooks above it. ( I did the same thing here in my entry way. It was super easy to make.) Then from the hooks she could hang her wreath and tea cup's or other kitchen apron perhaps.

This beautiful Kitchen belongs to Secret Garden Cottage. As well as the next picture.

I just want to know where she found all of her lovely window frames.
So what I'm thinking for Natee's window's would be to put a few photos behind some of the glass panes, like the one above the couch in this picture.

And then use the rest of the panes for memo's. You can write on the glass with just a dry-erase marker.

I just came across this photo here on My Lovely Life's blog.
This next picture is a great idea too. You could add a little wall shelf above the window frame, and add some hooks to mimic this one here.
I love the idea of a mirror in the window frame too. Here is a very large one from Me and Alice.

And finally just a few more ideas. You could use it as a large picture frame.

Or Paint it with chalk board paint and use it for a writing notes.
I hope this was helpful Natee. You have a great big wall to work with so don't be shy. I can't wait to see what you decide to do with it.
And if any of you readers have any ideas you would like to share, please do so.