Painted Countertops

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And ever since I've been getting a lot of comments about my Kitchen Makeover. Once again, this is the Ugly, Ugly Before:
I painted all of the cabinets white. And I also painted the counter tops. Which I've been getting a lot of questions about. So I want to address them some more.Here were my counter tops before. Just a light baby blue that just wasn't doing it for me..

So I picked up a can of Rust-Oleum counter top paint from Lowe's. It comes in
20 different colors, and I choose Taupe.

You simply just roll it on your counter tops. The Smell is very very strong and it takes about 3 days to dry. So If you plan to paint yours, I would suggest doing it during warmer weather when you can leave your doors and windows open or even right before you head out of town for a few days since you'll pretty much be out of a kitchen for awhile.
Here is my after:
So the biggest questions I've received is "How have they held up?" Um to answer that, not great! This here is a picture of where my kids sit:

So it gets allot of wear and tare in that area and it has scratch a bit.
But I Seriously would still suggest this product and here is why;
1. It's a easy, inexpensive, Do -It yourself product. I did it all by myself in less than an hour.
and 2. It only took half the can to do my whole counter tops so one of these days, I'll get around to touching it up. It's No big deal for me.
Yes Ideally I would love to have Butcher Block, marble or even cement counter tops, but that is something that's going to have to wait a few years. So this has been a great alternative.
So I hope that cleared up all of your questions. And if you do still plan to paint your counter tops, I'd love to see how they turned out.
Ok and Now I just wanted to show off Something that I just Won! Am I a Lucky Girl or What? Robin at Happy at Home was celebrating her 200 followers and had a lovely little giveaway
She made this Farmhouse Sign, It's actually a mini version of a large one she has in her own home. Plus I get these 3 bottles with pretty little labels
And, that's not it. This Gorgeous Hand sewn , ruffled table runner. I love the fabric.

Thanks Again Robin.
If your not allready a follower, make sure you stop by her cute little blog.  She's always got something crafty going on.

A few small changes in the Bathroom

I was noticing my shower curtain was looking a little dirty. It's way to close to the toilet and I have a 5 year old boy...... so enough said. I took it down to be washed but then thought I'd switch it out for a change.
I think it's amazing how the littlest changes can make such a difference in a room. So here is the Before on the Left and the new shower curtain on the Right.

Well truthfully, it's not really even a shower curtain but an old sheet. I just poked tiny little holes for the hooks to go through and trimmed up the bottom. It was actually a Perfect fit, I like how it goes all the way to the floor, Which I've noticed a lot of shower curtains actually don't.

The knobs, you may remember I just purchased them from Re-Store. You can find that post here.
I love Changing up my house often, if you haven't noticed. And now that I know you can use a sheet for a shower curtain....oh the possibilities!!
Want to see more of the before, including the mirror makeover go here.
Want to see the bathrooms before and after including the easy laminate floor installation, go here.

Also my little Drawer Makeover is beeing feathured at Tatertots and Jello Today
as a Great Idea - DIY Inspiration {2}

*Be My Valentine*

Happy Valentines Day My Beautiful Blogger Friends!

Every year my mother-in- law sends us the cutest hand made Valentines. Check out just how Adorable these are..

I've always just kept them in a box. But this year I decided to hang them up on a string as decorations.

So, Is it just me Or are Candy Hearts getting a little Crazy with there saying? Like these ones say stuff like, Go Girl, So Fine, Hey you, and there's even a LOL. Whatever, I don't care as long as they keep the
Kiss Me

I really don't have a whole lot of valentine decoration, so I tried to get creative by using scrabble tiles.

OK So there are soo many creative bloggers out there. The other day I was browsing around and picked out a few of my favorite Valentines Crafts and thought I'd share the Links with you.


Crafts & Sutch

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Hope you all have a Happy Valentines Day!


Habitat for Humanity ReStore Finds

As you all probably know Habitat for Humanity is a charity that helps build homes for those in need, but did you know they have ReStores where you can buy or donate home building items? Items such as cabinets, old doors, old windows, paint, hardware, lighting, appliances.....Everything!
I was so Thrilled to find one near me.
To learn more about Habitat for Humanity or to find a ReStore near you, click here.

This is what I purchased on my first visit:

An old drawer for $1.50

And these 2 old door knobs for .50 cents each.

I painted the drawer white, sanded the edges, and then added this vintage house number 3 that I had found a long time ago.

I made a rope handle by stringing rope through the existing holes.
It now sits on the shelf in my kitchen holding delicious red organic apples.

The hardware got painted.
 First, I used a brown to get rid of the shiny brass, and then I painted the indents blue and wiped off until it looked like this...

I added the hardware to the cabinet in the bathroom.

I have taken a few more new pictures of the bathroom and will be posing them soon.

Thanks for stopping by,


Decorating with Straw Hats

katiedid blog

cote de texas

In my last post, I blogged all about Chalkboards. Both my mom and my sister commented to me that it reminded them of my Grandma Nora. She has a couple chalkboards around her home. One being a very very large one (Now, after reading my post my Sister Natee has "dibs" on it)

So apparently Grandma Nora believes that every home needs a "Chalkboard Central" A place for notes, messages, math problems, house plans, list, assignments, art work.....the list just goes on and on.
She is a Very wise woman, She wouldn't be a healthy, happy, funny 99 year old woman otherwise. We all love her dearly.

So lately as the grandchildren come to visit her, she'll ask them to take a walk around her home and let her know if there is anything they want when she passes. The thought of her ever leaving is really just too sad to think of. So as much as I would love to have snooped around..... That really is one of my favorite things to do afterall, I just felt too guilty.

The truth is, I just want her house. (haha) It's an old brick farmhouse that my grandpa built during the depression. I dream about living there all the time. But not to sound to greedy, I did tell my grandma I would love to have her Straw Hats. When I think about my Grandma Nora, I picture her wearing a plaid shirt, most likely one of my grandpa's old ones, and a straw hat. I see her out in her garden with her chickens trailing behind her.... This is the image I will Always have of her.

By displaying her hats around my home, it would remind me of her beautiful spirit everyday. But what am I blabbing about, Grandma Nora is not going anywhere. I can't wait to see her turn 100!!!!

I found some pictures of using straw hats as home decor, This is a collection I hope to one day have.

Just one hat here, but I had to add this picture, I love it. Sorry, I don't know where I found it.

Better Homes and Gardens

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

Pottery barn

Pottery Barn
I know this last one is straw bags not hats, but it's got that same look I love.