Painting Picture Frames & A Picture Gallery Wall

I had a bunch of  mismatched frames hanging in my hallway that I've been wanting to paint for quite some time now.

The Other day I finally got around to it.
I bought a bunch of different spray paints at the store (Fred Meyers).  I wanted a few of the frames to be colored.  I also picked up several different brands because I wanted to compare them.  My goal was to find out which one worked best.

 I laid out all of my frames onto my trusty old cardboard (seriously, this thing has soo many layers and colors of paint on it. It has been very handy!  Plus it folds up nicely and I can tuck it away in the garage until next time.  Just a little tid bit for ya!).
So here are the two white spray paints I bought.
The Krylon cost $4.19 it was my Least favorite.  It did not have a very good coverage.
The HD Design paint Cost less $2.99  It had a much better coverage, it was a thicker paint,  with a much prettier, milkier color.
Even though I liked the HD Design paint better,  It still did not cover all that great. I may have needed to use a primer first,  also I was trying to cover up black.
I ended up using my basic white latex paint to finish them off.
At the end of the project it would have been easier and less expensive to have just used my latex paint only.
Now moving on to the Colored Spray paint,  I actually found this blue by Rust-olieum/American Accents to be the Very Best.  It covered so Wonderfully in just one coat. And I'm in Love with the color. This will be the brand I buy for all of my future projects.

The Green paint was from Krylon, the same brand as the white that I did not like.  I'm not sure why,  but it left a strange texture on this frame.... but kinda cool.  However I repainted this frame in the same blue mentioned above. 
Just Curious,  Is there a special spray paint that you like to use?

So Again,  Here are my frames Before....

 And now After.
 My Husband, Jake Loves to frame all of our vacation photos.  I have to admit I wasn't really on board at first.  It just seemed like a lot of clutter.  But having them hanging up in the hallway is just a great reminder of all of the fun memories we've had throughout the years.
 Like I said, the before was just allot of mismatched frames,  And now it is more consistent,  brighter and funner. 

 There is plenty of room for more pictures.  I hope to have this wall filled one day.  Looks like we need to start planning some more family vacations!!!

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Pretty Pretty Peonies

 Every Year I brag and brag all about my beautiful Lilac Bush and my Snowball Bush.
But really that's because those are my only flowers.  I dream of having a Rose Garden and big Peonies and hydrangea bushes.  But I just can't seem to get them to grow.  I've tried and tried. 
When I walked by my neighbors house the other day, she caught me drooling over her peonies. She was sweet enough to cut a few off for me to take home.  They are soo big,  it only took a few of them to fill up a vase. 
 I love them!  I've got them right next to my kitchen sink and they smell incredible.  I've been walking around with a yellow nose...every time I smell them I get pollen on my face,  It took me a little while to figure it out,  but I eventually did.

Aren't they so pretty? 

I am bound and determined to have a bush of these in my garden one day.

Summering up my Shelves

 I've been summering up my shelves!
 By bringing in Sea Shells, Bottles and other Beachy items It now looks more Summery!
 You may remember,  This is how it looked in the Fall.
 And It hadn't changed much since....Except for get messier!!  It Kinda became a dumping ground for everybodys stuff.

So It was in need of a fresh, new, summery, Look.

 I made the mirror out of Driftwood I picked up from the beach.  You can find my instructions on how I made it here.

 And of course my Whale pillow from here.  It really does make it into most of my shots.  I just Love it too Much!

And Yes I do realized I took allot of pictures of my newly decorated shelves.  But I just think it is soo much more prettier to look at.

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How to Make a Driftwood Mirror

 Remember how I said I brought home a ton of driftwood from my Beach Vacation?
Well, I decided to make a mirror with it.  I was inspired by this one here.
 This one is from Crate and Barrel and Cost $200.00
 It was hanging in the Beach house we rented. 
 (you can see more of the beach house here).
 Which is named the Driftwood!
 I love this sign that was hanging on the house. I was going to try and make one like it, maybe have it say "Beach" or "Welcome"  But I didn't pick up enough small and curvy pieces.....Next Time!

 I really did bring home my share of driftwood. This picture is of me, filling up my purse with driftwood...  I did this every time we hit the beach.

Ok, so here are my steps to making a Driftwood mirror.
So, of course Step #1 is to go to the beach and fill your purse up with as much as you can haul home.  Try to find pieces that are all about the same size.
 Step #2 Find a mirror in whatever size you would like.  I picked this one up at Hobby Lobby.  It was originally 6 dollars but on sale for %50 off.  So this whole mirror cost me $3.00  a Huge difference from the $200. one at Crate and Barrel wouldn't you agree?

Step #3  Trace the mirror onto some paper. I just used the paper Hobby Lobby wrapped the mirror up in.

Step #4  Lay out your driftwood around the traced circle.  This is so you will have a good idea of what it will look like when it's finished.  You may want to move some pieces around, just play with it until you're happy with the way it looks. 
 You could leave it like this, but since I was going for a more layered look, I also added driftwood to the front of the mirror as well.
 Step #5 Glue it together. At first I used hot glue....but this Did NOT work.  The hot glue was not strong enough to hold it all together.
 So I had to peel (and bite) all of the hot glue off.  Then I used this Awesome stuff, Gorilla Glue, which worked so much better.  Just remember to only use a small amount and do not use it by any edges since it does puff up and turn yellow when it dries.
 I also used this glue to add a hook to the back of the mirror so that I could hang it up.
 I'll show you where I've got it hung, in my next post.
So stay tuned!!

Note: This mirror has been update. It now has even more layers of  driftwood on it.
To see how it currently looks click HERE.
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Yard Sale Treasures

 Last Weekend my Neighbors were having a Yard Sale.  So of course I just couldn't restrain myself from walking over there...Even though I think it's time for a yard sale of my own.  I own way too much stuff!!
 Anyway, I came across this Cute Green Fan for $4. I thought it may be vintage at first, it has that retro look to it.  It was hard to tell under all of the dirt and grime.  But once I got it home and all cleaned up I could tell that it was fairly new and in good shape.
 I've got it set up in my bedroom.  I Love going to sleep with a fan on, especially on summer nights.
 By the Way, Do I have the Cutest Dog Ever or What!

 I also picked up some Wooden Beads and Seashell necklaces for my little collection I've got going on.

OK, I seriously need to start cleaning and clearing stuff out. There will be a yard sale at my house sometime in the near future.  I think it's so important to get rid of the old to make room for the new!!!