My Beach/Bohemian Patio

I started to notice that I wasn't enjoying my backyard much this summer.  Probably because it has been taken over by sandboxes, sprinklers, swimming pools and lawn toys!
So I decided I needed to create a space that I'd want to hang out in, drink my morning coffee, and sit back and watch the kiddies play.

 I brought out a bunch of pillows and a rug to make the space more comfortable and inviting.  The wicker bag holds towels for drying the kiddies off, after playing in the sprinklers.

The Colorful glass bead chimes, as well as the metal bells were handmade in India. They make such a soothing and calming sound.  They were a gift from Uncle Trace, who sells them in his store, Backyard Birds, located in Salt Lake City


Of Course, I've got to have a stack of magazines, when I'm out lounging.  The starfish makes a great paper weight, so that they don't blow away.

All in All, I think it feels very Beachy, with all of the lanterns and starfish, yet kinda Bohemian, with the hanging fabric and chimes. 
 It's now my favorite place to sit back and Relax.

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Plants & Gardens

 I have this really good friend named, Shana,  and she has the greenest thumbs I've ever seen.  Her home is filled with lushes plants and she has a great little container garden in her back yard. Here are a couple pictures I've taken on my latest visits.

 Every time I leave her house I'm inspired to go home and work in my own garden.

She has this Genius idea about giving your plants more foliage and I just had to share it.
 What she has done is taken the stem tube you get when you buy a single rose, filled it with water and placed a small starter plant in it.
 Then she placed it down into the dirt.  This gives an otherwise bare plant, more foliage.
 Love it!  She is really creative that way.  You'll also find rocks, seashells and even little plastic dinosaurs in the dirt of all of her plants.  I've lived with her for many of years and I think that is where my love of house plants has come from.  I can't imagine a home without them.

Alright, then back at my house,  I thought I'd share my little garden with you as well.
 Just using my kids sidewalk chalk,  I created a little mural for my garden.
 My neighbor gave me some seeds from her holly hocks last year and I was beyond excited when I saw them staring to grow this spring.  I love Holly hocks!

 You can also find a hidden little door in my garden,  as well as a ....

 Gnome!  What garden is complete without a Gnome to protect it, Right?
Actually, this guy belongs to Liam.  He picked it out from Uncle Trace's store, Backyard Birds, in Salt Lake City.  Liam is obsessed with the movie, Gnomeo and Juliet.  I just smile every time I see him sitting amongst my flowers.

I'm Being Featured Today!

My Driftwood Mirror is being featured over at Knock Off Decor today!  It's always very flattering to find out someone wants to share your projects with others. 
If you haven't been to the website, Knock Off Decor I suggest you go check it out.  It's a website that highlights projects that were inspired by the ones seen in all of our favorite decorating catalogs.  It is full of such wonderful, creative ideas. 

Bee Box

 While visiting my folks over the 4th of July, I came across this old wooden box on their property.  I Loved it for it's rustic look and cute little handles on the sides.
 Apparently, it was once used to house Bee's.  It even had a thick layer of honey residue on the inside, or at least that is what I think it was. 
 It didn't have a bottom to it,  so I had my dad put one in.  I had so much fun hanging out with my dad in his humongous shop.  He's a retired contractor so he has every tool imaginable.  All of his tool tables are hooked up to a huge vacuum to clean up all of the sawdust.  I can definitely say  If we lived closer I would be in there playing all day long.
 I loved that he put in a old piece of wood that matched the rest of the box.
   Here is my Abby dog checking it out, she has to be involved in everything!
I gave it a quick, light layer of white paint.  I wanted it to still look old and rustic, so I made sure it wasn't covered to well.
 And then I sanded it all down with my hand sander, making sure to get all of the edges really good. 
 Same goes for the inside.
 I then brought it into my living room to hold extra pillows and blankets.
 Although, I think it may end up in my closet to hold shoes.  I could fill the box up and then let some heels hang over the edges.
 Aren't these little denim ones cute?  I picked them up from Target the other day for $5. Yes, you heard right, I said $5!!  So if you want a pair too,  You better hurry over.

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New Kitchen Pictures

 I was looking through my blog the other day and decided I needed some newer pictures of my kitchen.  So I cleaned it up really good,  switched a few things around and then took a million new pictures of it.

 One of the things I changed up was my window treatment.  I brought back in my matchstick blinds, but first I did a quick white wash on them. There wasn't much paint left in the bucket so I just added about a cup of water to it, then brushed it on.
They really bring in a lot of light.

I Love my new Harry and David's shopping bag that Jake's Grandpa gave me.  I guess someone gave it to him, it was full of fruit, but he wanted me to have the tote.

 I made the fresh eggs sign awhile back.  And then the carving above it was made by... Jake's Grandpa.  Wow,  He's really contributing to my post today.  Love him!

I made the napkin holder, by simply putting a chicken wire caddy (that I got from the dollar store a Long Long time ago) on top of a candle holder.
It's so handy to have on the kitchen table.
There is Still So much I'd love to do to this kitchen; paint it, paint the table, new floors, new lighting, bead board on ceiling, new backslash, new counter tops, Ya!
But slowly,  it's looking better and better.