Plaid Month Wrap-Up

 Hope you all have enjoyed Plaid Month as much as I have. But sadly it must come to an end,  since today is the last day of September.
But I have a desktop full of Plaid inspiration pictures that I still need to share.  So I'm just going to cram them all in at the last minute. 

 Country Living

 Ralph Lauren

 Ralph Lauren
(Hubba! Hubba! I think I need to buy this shirt for my Jake :)

 Pottery Barn


Ha Ha Just Kidding!
when I googled Plaid for Inspirations,  I got a lot of this.
Should have known better!

I think this just may be my favorite picture of all.  Love the little boys shirts hanging and the wagon full of books.

The V Spot.
Love how she covered a pumpkin with an old flannel shirt.  See how here.

And Lastly, I leave you with a Plaid House.  Seriously!  When my friend over at Pondside commented that there was a plaid (Tartan) house in her Hometown, just outside of Sydney on Cape Breton.  I asked her to Please share. Isn't this fun?

She also shared a few traditional Tartan prints.
 Cape Breton Tartan

Nova Scotia Tartan.

I also got a comment from Maria at Renovating on a shoestring that I thought was interesting.  This is what she said,
 " It's interesting that here in Australia you really don't see much plaid (or tartan as we call it) I always think it an American thing. The most I have ever seen in plaid is picnic rugs! Maybe one day it'll catch on more here. Nice blog!

I just want to thank you all for reading my blog, and for all of your sweet comments.  It truly makes my day brighter.

Plaid Rosette Wreath

 Using some Plaid fabric scraps, I put together this Fall wreath.

The grapevine wreath was purchased at Hobby Lobby for a few dollars.
Then I made the Fabric Rosettes using this link here.  From the blog, Susie Harris.
I then added some pine cones and coffee filter flowers,  which are made by simply twisting a couple coffee filters together, that leaves you with a ruffly flower look.
I like the mix of variety in this wreath.

Tomorrow will be the last day for Plaid Month.  I'll have a few more pictures to share.  It's been a lot of fun playing around with plaid.

Check out some other fun Fall Door Decor:

My Fall Mantle

Hello.  So because it is still September, and because I'm so not ready for summer to end, I have decided to make my fall mantel a little more cheery.  I've purposely stayed away from the obvious pumpkins and orange leaves, but I have brought in other elements like apples and sunflowers that still says Fall.

 The First thing I did was paint my window frame white.  I wanted it to have a worn look to it,  so I just gave it a light coat of white and then sanded it pretty good.

I made the Apple Orchard sign by simply stenciling the letters onto a piece of old fence wood.
I stole the logs (which I've made into candle holders) out of my mother in laws garage...well actually I didn't steal them,  she was fully aware that I took them, since I made her level them out for me.  Seriously that woman is amazing.  She found me attempting to saw them with no luck.  She then takes her saw and goes to town with it. Love Her!

I stole the apples out of my neighbors tree... Just kidding I asked first.  He kinda looked at me strange when I told him I needed them for decorating my mantle.  I just wanted them to have the leaves and stems still on them, So they would have that fresh picked look that I was going for. And you just can't buy them that way at the grocery store.
I did however steal the picture of the cows in the barn.  I found it on Pinterest and printed it out.  Is that Bad?

 I know it's still Plaid Month here at the Wicker House,  but I just couldn't seem to work plaid into my mantle.  But the plaid pillow that I made here, ties in nicely.

Happy Fall, Friends!
Thanks for stopping by!

Stop by here to see more Fall  Mantels.
The Lettered Cottage

Bringing Plaid into the Bedroom

 Lately I've been having fun dressing up my headboard with different fabrics and blankets.  I just fold and tuck the blanket around my black slatted existing headboard. It sort of gives the idea of a padded headboard, but without having to make the commitment.  So here I've used a Plaid blanket,  of course.

 I also have temporarily covered my lampshade with some more plaid fabric.  When I say temporarily, it just means I've got tape holding it together on the inside.  I like to change things around so often that it's better if I make things easy to switch out.

 A also added some of the same plaid fabric to a couple of picture frames.  I simply just covered the cardboard in the frame with the fabric, and then layered it with my pictures.  I really like this look. And it also can be easily switched out as my mood changes.

The pictures are from a hiking trip Jake and I took on our wedding anniversary, So they seemed appropriate for above the bed.  I just have them hanging from some old barn wood.

I think every time I post pictures of my bedroom I mention how badly I want to paint it.  It could use a pretty color on the wall ...One day!

Picnics and Plaid

Over Labor day weekend, my little family met up with some friends for a fun little hike and picnic.  We went to Cascade Springs, Located in Midway, UT.
We Packed up the car with coolers full of sandwiches and Lemonade, a picnic basket, and a big plaid blanket to spread out on.
But when we got there, there was a big sign that said, "No Picnicking"  Seriously? Such a Bummer!  So we had to have a little tailgate picnic in the parking lot instead.

 It's such a beautiful spot.  Lot's of cascading springs and bridges.  So it was all ok in the end, even if I didn't get the picnic I was hoping for.  I am such a sucker for Picnics.

 I came across some other pictures of Picnics and Plaid that I thought I'd share.  The two just go hand in hand.

 I Want these Plates.

I think Plaid has such an Outdoorsy, cozy, fall feeling to it.

My Living Room Dressed in Plaid

 Howdy All!
In my last post here, I showed you how I made my Plaid Pocket Pillows. Which I have brought into my Living Room.

I've also covered my papasan chair in the same fabric.  It really brings a cozy, kinda masculine feeling into the room.

And then I came up with this quirky idea of hanging my collection of Wicker plate holders on my wall.

 A friend of mine had suggested that I bring some more Wicker into my house,  Since my blog is named, The Wicker House after all.  She's kind of a little smart ass that one.  So I've been working on it,  She also suggested that I bring in some more Color,  That is a little more challenging for me.  I Love White.  But I'm sure the Red Plaid will make her Smile.

Hope Y'all have a Wonderful weekend.
(I think my room feels a little country western too.)
Bye Y'all

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