Pug O Ween

You all remember my Sweet Little Abby pug, Right?  Well every year at Halloween I dress her up and take her to a Pug O Ween Party.  And No I'm not Ashamed to admit it.  One year she was a bumble bee,  Another year a fairy.

 Here is the Year she was a Lobster.

But I think my favorite was the year I dressed her up as a Naughty School Girl.

 Here is one of her friends from that years party.

 for some reason we were unable to attend last year,  so it was extremely important to take Abby this year and show her a good time.  This year we dressed her up as a Ninja.

Don't let that sad little smirk fool ya..... She Loves it!

The Parties are always so much fun.  Full of Pug decorations and Candy and of course lots and lots of doggy treats.

 Our favorite costumes this year were this cute little Yellow Submarine.

and this Cool Punk Rocker.

All of the Pugs have a Great Time.  I would guess there were about 70 pugs there.

The Pug O Ween is sponsored by a Pug Meet up group.  They also have monthly Pug Meets.  If you own a pug and would like to find a Meet up in your area,  You can search for one here


I know, I know, I said I was done blogging about my Halloween Decorating, but then I realized I haven't shared my BUG BOTTLES with you yet.
I was inspired when I saw these ones here:

 These earthy ceramics were done by artist Laura Zindel.  I found them in my Country Living magazine.  You can see more here.

No, I did not paint mine.... Well I take that back, I did paint a bunch of bottles with white spray paint.  But then I printed out the bugs onto a sticker paper, and then just stuck them on. 
 I really like the idea of them being more permanent,  But I've run into a few problems.  First, I tried to mod podge them on,  but the mod podge just smeared the ink and turned them green.  Second, I tried spraying a layer of polycrylic protective finish on it. That worked except for it turned the bottles a yellowy color, which you can kind of see on the spider bottle to the right.  So I'm still playing around, trying to see what will work.  I think once I  get it figured out the possibilities will be endless.
By the Way,  Any suggestions? 

Alright,  Now I'm done blogging about Halloween......I think.  I'm sure I'll have to share my boy's cute costumes with ya though.
Hope you're all ready for Halloween.  Have a Happy One!

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Another Halloween Display

 Here is another Halloween display at my house.
I've just mixed in some more Halloween decorations with what was already on my antique book shelf.

I found the black mesh at the dollar store.  I like it,  It's a lot less messy then the traditional cobwebs,  but still gives off that Spooky look.

You can also find a couple Rats mixed in.  I even have another one on my mantel. I've got quite the little Rat collection going on.  Probably because in real life they FREAK me out....Possibly my biggest fear.  So It makes sense to use them as  SCARY decorations.  They seriously give me Chills down my Spine just looking at them.

 The Beautiful White Pumpkins came from our day at the Pumpkin Patch.

Halloween is just in a Week!  If I don't post again by then, Have a

Spooky Halloween Mantel

My Kids are Huge fans of Halloween and had begged me since September to let them decorate for Halloween.
September was a bit too early, So on October 1st we got out all of our decorations and I let them go to town decorating. Then I later tweaked it, just a tad bit.

I kept most of everything that was on my Fall Mantel,  but brought in the pumpkins, spiders, crows and cobwebs.

  I found this skeleton picture by googling skeleton clip art. I'll see if I can find the link and share it with ya.

 I thought I'd also share the Big Pumpkin Liam carved out with his dad.  Love it's little happy face.

 I'm Linking up here today. Come join me, or just come take a look at all of the other fun Halloween Mantels.

Rake Head

Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a Wonderful Weekend.
So we had an old Rake laying around in the garage.  I always knew one day I would use it as hooks on my wall.
I've seen pictures of Rakes used as hooks before,  I've seen them used to hang jewelry, ties and even wine glasses. I've always thought it was such a clever idea.
It wasn't until I found it sticking out of the trash can that I decided to hang it up.  Apparently, Jake didn't see the beauty of it,  He just saw it as an old rake that was falling apart....Men!
Anyway,  I managed to rescue it before the garbage trucks came.

My bread box is new.  I recently picked it up at my new favorite store,  The Vintage Home, located on Main in Meridian, Idaho.  If you live in the area I highly suggest you go check it out.  Or better yet, give me a call and we'll go together.

HOGShow and Share Day

Corn Maze & A Pumpkin Patch

A little family tradition that we've started, is every Fall we hit up a Corn Maze and Pick out some Pumpkins at a Pumpkin Patch.  There are a few different farms here in Idaho to pick from, this year we went to one named, Linder Farms.

I Love a good Corn Maze to get lost in.

  I also Love a big Red barn out in the country.

 We had a fun day playing around.

We went for a Hay Ride.

 And hiked around the Pumpkin Patches.

We picked out a few Great big ones.

My boys taking a little rest.

 And of Coarse, Jake had to find the Best, Biggest Pumpkin Ever!

A Great Day.  My Favorite part of Fall for Sure!