My San Diego Vacation and a Winner

Over Thanksgiving break, We went on a trip to San Diego.
It's something we have done in the past and it has been so much fun, that it is probably something we will continue to do every few years.
We Feast on a Huge Thanksgiving dinner buffet at the Beautiful Hotel Del Coronado.  Possibly the best part of the whole trip.  You just can't beat the quality and quantity of food anywhere,  Plus they have a whole room just dedicated to desserts!

 Next we hit up Lego Land.  My Husband and my boys are all Huge Lego Fans.  It was so much fun for them.....and I had a blast too. There were Lego statues everywhere and they were just so Incredible. 
Here Liam and Jaxon are posing with Lego R2D2

And here is the family on a Lego Sled,  next to a Lego Santa, In front of a Lego Christmas tree.

And here is Lego New York.

We had so much fun there.
Then of course we went to the Beach.

The Weather was Beautiful. I  soaked in as much Warm Sunshine as I possibly could.  It's been hard to adjust back to the cold now that we're home.

On one of the days we were going to go shopping at the Outlet malls,  but the place was so crowded we couldn't even find a place to park.
So instead, I got out my trusty phone and navigated us to this beautiful building.

It's the Mission San Luis  ( I think)  It was just gorgeous.  Here is the inside:

 Then our last day in San Diego we went to Sea World, where they even had Snow to play in. 

 and of course Cool sea life.

I took a million pictures (like always)  but just picked out a few favorites to show you.  It was just a great,  fun filled family trip that we will always remember.

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Bathroom Changes

A while back I made a few small changes in my bathroom, but never got around to sharing it.  So here we go.
You may remember in this post here, where I mentioned how excited I was to figure out that a full size bed sheet could be used as a shower curtain.  All you need to do is trim the bottom, hem the sides and make a few button holes on top. 
I love this idea so much because most store bought shower curtains don't hang to the floor and my bathtub is an ugly peachy color that I prefer to keep hidden.

My new Navy and White stripped shower curtain wasn't made from a sheet but a large piece of fabric.  Either way,  Changing out your shower curtain is an easy way to make big changes in your bathroom. 

Ok so since taking these pictures,  I've made a few more changes.  You see the mirror and little shelf here, Well.......

 My Liam being the boy that he is, thought that little shelf would hold him as he climb up to the sink.  Which then of course all came crashing down.  Liam is fine, but it left a few large holes in my wall.  So I had to come to a decision, Do I A: Patch up the holes,  re paint,  add some anchors and re hang the shelf or B: Hide it.  I'm sure you can figure out which one I choose.
This large picture frame was the perfect solution.  I then added a smaller picture inside and hung a seashell on the hanging wire.  I may just like it even better.

 And my last Great idea was that I used a wooden hanger to hang the hand towel.  I'm taking all the credit for this one.  I've never seen it done before.  I just thought it would be something fun and different.

Thank You for stopping by.
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My Thanksgiving Table

I thought I'd put together a little Thanksgiving Table scape even though we won't be celebrating Thanksgiving at my house.  Which we never do and I am totally, totally okay with that.  I think all that cooking would stress me out.  How about you all?  Do you enjoy hosting or being a guest at Thanksgiving?

So Why did I decorate my table you ask?  Because I think Thanksgiving comes at such a beautiful time of year.  It's a Celebration of Harvest, yet it often gets bombarded by Christmas. I just want to enjoy the season while it's here.  That's why.

I made this simple centerpiece by wrapping Indian Corn and husk around a large glass jar. I tide it up with some twine, then stuck a large candle inside.

Hope you all have a Wonderful Thanksgiving.

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I have had a lot of  fun playing around with the software.  Above is a scrapbook page I created from the Design Template and Below, is one I designed on my own.

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I also had fun creating a few new Blog Headers.

As you can tell I've got Christmas on the Brain.
But here is another one that looks more Springy.

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Etsy Store Coming Soon!

 I have been working hard lately at creating a product line for my own Etsy Store.  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Etsy, it is an online website where you can buy or sell handmade or vintage items.
I have always dreamed of owning my own store. I would love to have a little shop one day,  so I think this could be a great starting point.  Although, I know the competition is Fierce!  Seriously, I looked up chalkboards and found 8,260 of them.

So I am trying to be as original as I can.  My line so far includes this Wall mounted coat rack with mismatched vintage hooks,  a re purposed sweater pillow sham, Chalkboard, Candles and even a few Christmas Ornaments, I will be sharing and selling it all soon.  But right now I'm just trying to get it all figured out.
I know a lot of you have your own Etsy store and I was hoping you would like to share some tips or suggestions for me.  I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, I would just like to say a Big Thank you for all of your sweet comments on my last post, In Memory of My Grandma Nora. They really touched my heart, so Thank You Dearly.

In Memory of My Grandma Nora

 My Dear Sweet Grandma Nora Passed away yesterday,  November 3rd 2011 at 99 years old, just a month shy of 100.
She was an Incredible woman and will be greatly missed by everyone who has ever met her.  She is now reunited with my Grandpa Ernest, who passed away 18 years ago.

 Together they had 8 children. One who had passed away as a baby and the other was born after this picture was taken.  My Dad is the cute little blonde boy to the Left.  Each of their children had grown up to have large families of their own. 
 Here is mine.

I'm the little redhead on the left sitting on my grandpa's lap.  This is one of my most favorite memories as a child.  My Grandparents were serving a mission in Ohio, where they were living on this large beautiful farm.  My family drove across the county to go visit them.  All 8 of us, piled up in a van with no air conditioning, in the blazing summer heat,  But it was so much fun, I will always remember it.
My favorite part were the Fireflies at night.

So out of this super large family, which seriously there is around 200 of us,  after counting up Aunts, Uncles, Brothers and Sisters, Nieces and Nephews, Cousin's and their families. Wow! Right? Anyway I think it's safe to say that I am the Black Sheep. They are all active in the Mormon church and it is a huge part of their lives.  I've just happen to go my own way with different views and beliefs.  That never did sit well with my Grandma Nora.  She certainly tried her best to re direct me. She would always say, in her sweet soft voice, "Now Emily, You need to Promise me that you will go to church,  Now Promise me this,  Emily,  Do it.!"  I kinda always felt like I got a little extra special attention from her because she was always looking out for me.

 Here she is at my Wedding Reception.

And here she is showing me how to make some kind of "Home remedy".  Not sure what is in that paste, maybe I should have paid better attention.  She was known to have garlic wrapped around her neck while sipping on barley water when she was sick.  But this is what I loved most about her.  Her lifestyle was so incredible.  She made her own whole wheat bread, including grinding her own wheat (her bread was so authentic and Delicious too. I just may need to get that recipe) She always had a huge garden and lots of fruit trees, which she canned and bottled.  She had chickens that she gathered the eggs from and every once in a while killed to eat, but she only ate meat in the fall and winter months. Her milk came from my uncles cows. And that was about the gist of her diet.  She believed in home remedies, she didn't watch much t.v., she didn't use her microwave very often, I don't think she ever went shopping, like Ever!  She was just a simple, yet hardworking, healthy, wise woman.  And that is what I admired the most about her.

Here she is holding my Jaxon when he was a baby.  I remember her humming a buzzing tune to him to get him to stop crying.  She had a special way with children.
I know I shared this picture before,  in this blog post here, about decorating with straw hats.  It is my absolute favorite picture of her.  She is sitting on my dads lap, with her plaid shirt,  Straw hat, and an apple in her hand. And I am pretty sure there are some chickens walking around near by.  This is the image I always have when I think about her, It is a Wonderful image to have.
I love you Grandma Nora, and I miss you so much already.