Feeling Moody

I am usually naturally drawn to Light and Airy Spaces, But I've notice lately that my mood has switched over to the Dark Side a bit.
I've been pinning a lot of Dark Masculine and Rustic rooms lately.
Here's a few Examples: 


Not all of these rooms are necessarily dark, but they do all have a masculine and industrial look to them, by using natural elements such as; Wicker, Wood, Leather, Burlap, and Metal.
(The Look reminds me of Restoration Hardware a bit).
But What I really love is when this look is paired with White. It brings in a more softer feeling.

I'm not about to go paint all of my walls black,  but I would like to incorporate more or these Natural Elements and the Mood of these Rooms into  my home a bit.
Like these cool masculine pillows.  The log side table is neat too.

And I like all of the black and wood paired together here:

 Or anything from this store here:

What do you all think of this look?



  1. love the look - both when dark and when the elements are paired with whites. My grandpa always used to say that every room needed a black element to anchor it. And for me that is usually the case. A little something dark goes a long way in making a room. Can't wait to see what "dark side" touches you add to your home!

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  2. Me,too! All that moodiness is yummy. I think it' a nice change from all white rooms. Which I still love. But variety is nice.

  3. The dark moody rooms are very pretty. Personally I like the darker colors balanced with lots of white. I love the black, white and wood combo. I gets my creative juicies running.

  4. LOL at the sheep throw pillow! I kinda like it!!