What? Picnik is Closing!!

Every once in a while I get the comment, "your pictures look like they should be in a magazine."  I'm not sure if people are just saying it to be nice or what but either way that has got to be my most favorite comment ever!

But the truth is it has nothing to do with my picture taking skills.  I don't have a big fancy camera, I use a Canon Power Shot SX IS digital camera.  It's actually Picnik that make my pictures come to life.

For any of you who may not know what Picnik is, it is a website that lets you upload and edit your pictures for free.  Or for a small fee of 24.99/year you can upgrade to get even more features.
I have been using picnik ever since I started this blog in April of 2010. Every Single Picture on my blog has been edited using Picnik.
Here is an example of one of my first pictures posted on this blog:
Obviously the picture on the left is the before ( for some reason my pictures are always slanted. Straighting them out is always the first thing I do).  The Picture on the Right is from the Magic of Picnik
Ok So now is the sad part,  I may have to hold back some tears while I type this.
I woke up this morning to a e-mail from Picnik announcing that it will be closing on April 19, 2012 so that they can focus on even awesomer things...Whatever that means.

They are processing Full refunds to all of their customers, even to those on their very last day,  Which is Way Cool of them.
They are also making their Full website, including the premium upgrade, FREE to everyone from now until they close.
So if you have never tried it out - Do it now while you still can.

I just can't imagine my life with out Picnik.  Awe the memories of sitting on the computer, drinking a huge mug of coffee and listening to my Emily's playlist while editing  pictures for hours and hours.
I think that the only way I'll ever get over Picnik is if I can replace it with another awesome photo editing software.  I don't even know what is out there, Photoshop? what version?
What do you all use? 
Any Suggestions? I need one that is not too complicated. Thanks!

Good Bye Picnik!  It sure was fun while it lasted.
Love Always,


  1. I had not yet heard! Why?! Why?! Why?! I can't believe it! I love Picnik! It's the best. I wonder if Flickr will hook up with another editing site? This is bad news. :(

  2. I just found this out from my 14 year old daughter, two hours ago... I am like you, what now?! I love Picnik! Hope we all can find a good replacement.

  3. As everyone can tell, from my photos, I wasn't familiar with Picnik - but I wish I had investigated!

  4. I received the email this morning too. I often use Picasa but do lots of editing from Picasa in Picnik. Wondering what they will be moving to. For now I will continue to use Picasa and wait it out.

  5. I am sad too! I don't even know how I'm going to make my headers for my blog now since I always used Picnik as well. I hope there is something similar out there or will be soon!

  6. Hi Emily,
    I haven't used Picnik for ages (simply because I've never got much spare time these days) but your post has prompted me to use it to change my blog header photo. I've never used the 'gritty' effect until now and love it! It's a shame it's closing but hopefully they'll come up with something similar. Thanks for sharing - your lovely photos aren't all down to Picnik!

  7. I got the email too! I'm so sad and have no idea what I'm going to do either:(

  8. Apparently Google + has a lot of the Picnik editing features on it but I am so angry at google for first getting rid of GFC and now Picnik and then trying to make ppl switch to Google +. Just thought I'd let you know it may not be all lost, just in a different format.

  9. I never used Picnic before so I really don't know what I am missing. Had I known that is what has been helping your pictures look so fabulous, I would have checked it out! Let us know if something takes it's place!


  10. So it's true then....I am the same as you..love love picnik! Now what are we to do! I don't have photoshop and Picnik is so user friendly. Sad day in my picture world :(

  11. i feel your pain! ; ( what am i going to do now? back to my ugly photos?!

  12. I too got the email and literally felt sick! I thought at first it was a mistake... or a sad joke... I could cry.. I loved Picnik and had so much fun with the simplicity of the site... Whaaaa

  13. I've never used Picnik. I've used Photo bucket before, and it's not too complicated. Unlike Photoshop. Which I have and never use. I kind of wish I'd just gotten an upgrade to ILife instead.
    You do take some great photos. There's no way to edit a bad one into a great one. :)

  14. I'm in shock too! Guess I'm finally going to have to teach myself Photoshop.

  15. Much like you I was so disheartened to read that Picnik will be shutting down. It's SO user-friendly I can't imagine anything as easy.

  16. Hi Emily,

    Hang in there, lady. I could not agree more that it's such a bummer to see Picnik go. I'm actually part of a team of former Picnikers. We're working on a replacement photo editor that's going to be just as good, if not better, than your old fave. Check out PicMonkey! It's a new photo editing site being built (as we speak!) by a couple of the folks who brought you Picnik! I've been fortunate enough to play around with PicMonkey in its beginning stages and if you liked Picnik, you're going to love PicMonkey! It's familiar, sleek, and very user friendly.

    If you're as excited as we are, sign up on our site www.PicMonkey.com and we’ll keep you updated on a launch date (soon, soon!). Also, feel free to send me your feedback, feature requests, and, of course, any questions you have!