PicMonkey is the new Picnik

Ok, so I promised to let you all know when I found a good replacement to Picnik, the online photo editor.  Well I found it! 
Ever since I found out that Picnik will be closing it's doors on April 19th I have been researching other online photo editors, such as, Fotoflexer, Photoscape, and Photoshop Express.  They all seem to be good programs, but just not as great or user friendly as Picnik, also they did all seem a little bit slow at uploading my pictures.
 I was also thinking about investing in photoshop but It's pricey and aimed at photographers, which I am not.  I just like to make my average pictures look a little bit better.   So I was a little frustrated and had decided to just ride Picnik out to the very last day and then take it from there.
Then, in my last post I brought up that I still wasn't sure where to go from Picnik and a few of my awesome readers told me about PicMonkey.  I checked it out and I'm SOLD!
The above picture is the first picture I played around with.
The original looked like this:

PicMonkey was created by some of the former Picnik engineers, so the website is very familiar.  It has all of the same wonderful features we are all use to like Orton and Cross Process but also a ton of new features that I'm already in love with like Dusk and Tranquil.

It also has those great editing feature that we have come to count on, the ones where we just can't post a picture of ourselves anymore without .. .  You know the ones I'm talking about, Airbrush, wrinkle remover and teeth whitening.  (shh. . we can keep that our little secret)

 Because it is still a new program there are a few features that will be "coming soon" such as collage's. I'm looking forward to those.

You can also add frames, text and clip art, like I did here:
 Definitely go check it out for yourselves.  If you were a fan of Picnik then you're going to love PicMonkey even more.  Yeah!  I'm so Happy and I feel so relieved.
Now let's go create some pretty Pictures!


  1. Thanks so much for letting us know! I look forward to trying it out!

  2. Thanks so much for letting us know - I am in the riding Picnic out to the bitter end stage (and the bitter end is close). I think you forgot to add the lose 10 lbs feature when photo-editing your own pictures (or didn't you discover that one). I'm off to test drive PicMonkey thanks to you.

  3. I think you'll find that Ribbet.com is the new picnik, PicMonkey may have similar pictures but you have to pay to use them without a large retarded monkey head at the bottom of your pics, Ribbet.com on the other hand has ALL of the EXACT same features as Picnik did before it sold out to Google and is free to use with no catch.