Driftwood Sailboat

Here it is! 
This is my Driftwood project I told you about in my last post. 
In case you missed that one, I recently took a  trip to Florence Or., a little town on the coast.
And I brought back a ton of driftwood from the beach. 
(Read more Here).

 When I saw this big piece, I knew I wanted to make a
 sailboat with it.

 The first thing I had to do was saw the stick to get a flat edge.

 Then using my largest bit I drilled a hole for the stick to go in.

 I glued in in place using Gorilla Glue.  Which I just had to share,  Look at this thing.  The top has glued itself closed so every time I need to use it I have to hammer a nail into it and then squeeze it as hard as I can. As you can see I use my Gorilla glue quite often.  

 Then I leaned it up against some furniture projects that I'm working on  have been sitting on my back porch all year. And I waited for it to dry.

 I then sewed me a sail for it using a muslin fabric.  I failed to take pictures of this whole step.  But basically I started with two rectangles,  one larger than the other.  I then folded the fabric to create this half triangle shape, then continued to wrap the fabric all the way around. Then I sewed it into place. I love the character it added as well as a little bit of frayed edges.

 From there I just hot glued it onto the driftwood.

To show you how big it is, here is my little 3 year old, Jaxon standing next to it.  

 I dragged my sailboat all around the yard taking pictures of it.

 But where it ended up is on my mantel, which I have changed up a bit.  I'll be sharing that next.

Come back again Soon,


  1. Gorgeous. Wow Emily - I love it. If the rain ever stops here I'll be going beach combing for driftwood. I'd love one for my bathroom windowsill. x

  2. omg i want one!!! beautiful

  3. This is beautiful, Emily! I never expected you to make something like this with the driftwood. You are going to be getting orders for them!!


  4. I must admit that the llama photographs on your blog are very cute and,
    I hate to sound so rude but; nice knock off! You've just lost my respect ;)

  5. What a clever little idea! It came out beautiful and any one of us blog ladies would be sure to bid on it at auction. I just love the way driftwood absorbs the smell of the ocean...sigh.

  6. Your driftwood sailboat is awesome! ery pretty! Looking forward to seeing the whole mantel. Your lil Jaxon sure is a cutie!

  7. I love this project. Now I just need to get some driftwood from the Cape this summer :) Thanks for the wonderful project!


  8. That is nice!! I love how big it is. Good job, Emily!

  9. I love it. I'd love to make something like this to remind me about being out at the lake and sailing.


  10. Hands down this is one of the best driftwood sailboats I've seen! Definitely looking forward to more driftwood projects in the future. ;-) Hx