My Bathroom over the last 2 Years

I did it Again!
I switched out my Shower Curtain.
As you all know I like to switch out my shower curtain often, but instead of using a normal standard shower curtain, I like to switch it up by hanging bed sheets or fabric.
I find this to be an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up the room.
Here is how my Bathroom currently looks:

And then Because today is my 2 year Blogiversary.
(Yes, Happy Birthday the Wicker House!)
I thought it would be fun to show some picture of my Bathroom over the last 2 years.
 So here we go! This picture is from the first pictures I ever posted of my bathroom. I had hung my seashell necklace collection from a large branch above my mirror.

It has taken me since just recently to figure out the best camera settings for taking pictures in my poorly lit bathroom.  My photo editing skills back then weren't the greatest either.

These pictures were taken after my big makeover, where I had painted the walls and ceiling, added trim, and put in a new floor.

I hung up this little shelf and mirror above the toilet.

   I also added a frame to the standard bathroom mirror by attaching some old barn wood using liquid nails.

 And then this is when I started changing up the shower curtain.  So here is an old sheet I've hung.  I was so excited to come up with this idea, because for one, my new made curtains would come all the way to the floor and cover up my ugly tub, whereas standard shower curtains usually hang short. And 2nd, It's been a fun and easy way to give my bathroom a whole new look. 

After that,  I went a little nautical with this blue and white striped fabric.  I also turned my picture frame into a chalkboard, which has been really fun for the boy's.

The shelf and wall mirror came down and was replaced with a few layered frames and a sailboat picture.

I think that brings us up to date. So in 2 years my bathroom has gone from this:

To This:

If you want to see more of my Bathroom Changes,  just click on the label titled, "Bathroom" found on my sidebar -->

And because today is my 2 year Blogiversary I just want to say Thank you so much to all of you who read and follow this blog.  Without you all and your sweet sweet comments I may have given up on blogging long ago.
So Thank you! Thank you!

PicMonkey is the new Picnik

Ok, so I promised to let you all know when I found a good replacement to Picnik, the online photo editor.  Well I found it! 
Ever since I found out that Picnik will be closing it's doors on April 19th I have been researching other online photo editors, such as, Fotoflexer, Photoscape, and Photoshop Express.  They all seem to be good programs, but just not as great or user friendly as Picnik, also they did all seem a little bit slow at uploading my pictures.
 I was also thinking about investing in photoshop but It's pricey and aimed at photographers, which I am not.  I just like to make my average pictures look a little bit better.   So I was a little frustrated and had decided to just ride Picnik out to the very last day and then take it from there.
Then, in my last post I brought up that I still wasn't sure where to go from Picnik and a few of my awesome readers told me about PicMonkey.  I checked it out and I'm SOLD!
The above picture is the first picture I played around with.
The original looked like this:

PicMonkey was created by some of the former Picnik engineers, so the website is very familiar.  It has all of the same wonderful features we are all use to like Orton and Cross Process but also a ton of new features that I'm already in love with like Dusk and Tranquil.

It also has those great editing feature that we have come to count on, the ones where we just can't post a picture of ourselves anymore without .. .  You know the ones I'm talking about, Airbrush, wrinkle remover and teeth whitening.  (shh. . we can keep that our little secret)

 Because it is still a new program there are a few features that will be "coming soon" such as collage's. I'm looking forward to those.

You can also add frames, text and clip art, like I did here:
 Definitely go check it out for yourselves.  If you were a fan of Picnik then you're going to love PicMonkey even more.  Yeah!  I'm so Happy and I feel so relieved.
Now let's go create some pretty Pictures!

Peach tree Blossoms in my Kitchen

I had a Happy Easter and I hope that you all did as well. We had some family come visit us, the weather was perfect, we ate delicious food and my boys enjoyed a few fun egg hunts, as well as coloring eggs, candy and all that fun Easter stuff. 

So last week Jake and I did a little yard work, I pulled weeds while he trimmed up the Peach tree.  I noticed he was tossing away a bunch of branches, so I grabbed me one and brought it in and placed it in a pitcher of water. (Well actually it's in a jar full of rocks and water and then placed inside a pitcher, so that it wouldn't tip over).

The Branch just had some small pink buds on it.  So it's been fun watching it bloom over the last couple of days.
It really looked pretty for Easter.

 And then I just took a few pictures of my Kitchen. Not the greatest of pictures,  it's tricky shooting in front of a bright window.  I'm slowly learning more and more about photography,  but I've still got a lot to learn. Also, I'm still looking for a good picnik replacement,  I have found a few ok ones but they all seem really slow and of course, not as great as picnik.  I'm just going to ride Picnik out until the very last day and then figure it out from there. How about you all?

Have a great day,
Thanks for stopping by,

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Book page Bottles

 I have a fun little project to share with you today.  I call it,
Book page Bottles.

This project is a really cute way to recycle those empty wine and spirits bottles 
that you may have on hand.
The first thing you need to do is collect and wash your bottles, removing all labels. 
Once the bottles are clean and dry, it's time to spray paint them.
I like to use Rustoleum brand in a glossy white.
  While you wait for the paint to dry, find an image online and print it out. You are looking for an image that has a nice silhouette to it. 
 I think this is a 5 X 7 but fit yours to whatever size bottle you have.

   Next, find an old book that you don't plan to ever read again and rip a page out.  
Cut the image down to size and place it on the page.

 Note: You may want to scan the page first to make sure that the content is good. . . . as you see here,  I did not do this and now my pretty little flower bottle says, "Hitler" on it.  Not Good!

Tape the image onto the book page and carefully cut out. 

Using a small paint brush, Mod Podge the cutout onto your bottle.

 First spread the Mod podge onto the back side of the image and place on bottle. Next, Mod podge over the top of your image to seal it. The Mod podge will dry clear.
And that is it! You will then have a pretty little book page bottle.

I made butterflies, birds, and flowers because I was thinking Spring,  but you could do any image you would like.
I have placed mine on a shelf in my kitchen.

It was really simple and really fun to make. And the best part is that it didn't cost a thing.

Thanks for stopping by.