Pottery Barn Summer Catalog

I know I say this every year,  but it's true.  Pottery Barn's Summer catalog is my very best favoritest!
I don't get the catalogs sent to me in the mail because I like to make a special trip to the store every season.  Just walking into that store gives me so much inspiration.  I usually don't buy anything unless I find some amazing deal.  Like this! I picked up this cute burlap bag on my last visit, I thought it was reasonable for $7.50

It's really cute and has a nice plastic lining,  which makes it pretty practical for groceries and what not.

It was just what I needed to haul all of my new catalogs home in.

Now when I sit down to read my new catalogs, 
 I take notes in them. 
 (I know I'm such a dork. . . but I bet I'm not the only one).
It's because of all of their wonderful ideas. Pottery Barn's stylist are such Genius's sometimes.
Like this idea here to fill a large jar full of small bottles, a candle and some sea shells.  So cool!  They're not selling that it's just something added off to the side.

I tend to pick up on all of the little details.  I also take notes on things I think I can make myself.  For example, these seashell napkin rings.  I'm thinking I can use my seashell necklaces to re-create them.

I also think both of these mirrors would be great to re-create.
I fell in love with the rope one when I saw it in the store.

So right now I have my burlap bag hanging in my entryway.  I'm sure if you look for it, it will make it into a lot of my picture from now on.

I also thought I'd share a few of my favorite rooms from the Summer Catalogs.

Who doesn't love Pottery Barn.
want to see more?  Go to the Pottery Barn Website HERE.

Around my Living Room

 Happy Friday!
Do you all have fun weekend plans?
I think our plans are to clean out the garage and take Liam out to lunch to celebrate him "graduating" Kindergarten. I am such a proud Mommy.
So I have made a few little changes around my Living Room and I wanted to share them with you. I finally got around to hanging up a little gallery wall.  I have been wanting to do this for quite some time now.
You may remember my quirky Wicker plates I had hanging on the wall before.

well it was time for a change.  So I gathered all of my extra frames from around the house and arranged them on the wall.. . . So I know some people like to lay their frames out on the floor first, and I know others trace out the frames onto newspapers then tape the newspaper to the wall to get it just perfect.
But I seriously just take thumbtacks,  start with the largest frames and just start hanging them.
I obviously have No problem with little holes in my walls.
Once I get it just right,  I hang the heavier frames with a nail or hook.

 A couple other tips I have are; if the frame doesn't have a saw tooth hook to hang it by,  I just place a piece of string  around one of the back closures (like this show below)
 and it's good to go.

Also I always rip off these stands, they'll just make your frames tipsy on the wall.  (you could always turn these pieces into some cute fathers day card or something,  don't they resemble ties?)

Ok so once I had the frames on the wall just how I liked them,  I took a pictures of it to remember which frame went where because then I took them all down and gave them a fresh coat of white latex paint.  

I also got out my collection of favorite photographs and chose which ones I wanted to frame.  Possibly the hardest part,  I have some pretty great pictures.  But I can always switch them out and rearrange them as my mood strikes.

 I've also used  burlap in some of the frames as a mat.  I really like the look of it.

 The other change I made in my living room is I re decorated my antique book shelf.  I kinda had to actually,  I kept pulling things off of it to decorate other parts of my house that I was left with some pretty empty shelves and nothing to put on them.  So I had to get creative. I ended up just stacking it full of books.  I put the books in backwards because I like the natural colors of the pages.  Then I added a few other objects to break it up a bit. I'm liking the raw texture it all gives.

So What projects are you all working on?
Hope you have a Wonderful, Warm & Sunny Weekend.

Bottles and Driftwood Mantel

 Hello!  Happy Monday!
I hope all of you Mother's had a Wonderful Mothers Day yesterday.
I sure did. I  Love my boy's to pieces.  I think everyday being their Mommy is a celebration.

So remember my Driftwood Sailboat I shared  in my last post HERE
Well I have it on my Mantel and I thought I'd share that with ya today.
But first I just wanted to mention that obviously my Sailboat is a Knock off.  I have been inspired by these beautiful handcrafted ones made by Whiteflower Farmhouse for such a long time.  And since my recent trip to the coast I thought I'd give it a shot.
But if you would like a sailboat too, definitely go check them out, if you haven't already.

So I just kept my mantel really simple. I added a bunch of bottles,  a few pictures, some driftwood and a bucket full of snowballs.

 Here's a mirror image from across the room.

 I filled my crate with the rest of the driftwood pieces I picked up.  Like I said, I plan to make another driftwood mirror.

 I also picked up the bucket on our trip as a Thank you gift to my mother in law for watching the boys.  I thought it was really cool because it has a little pocket with holes on the inside.  I'd never seen a bucket like this before.  When I gave it to my MIL she said, "oh cute a Mop Bucket" maybe not the best idea.  She also went home on a plane so there was not way of taking it with her. So I'll have to bring it with me the next time we come down.  Anyway,  I think it looks adorable filled with some branches off my snowball bush.

 A view from the kitchen.

Remember the story of the Marin?  and No I'm still not allowed to paint it white. 
I also made a few other changes to my living room.  I'll show you those next time.
Have a Wonderful Week!

Driftwood Sailboat

Here it is! 
This is my Driftwood project I told you about in my last post. 
In case you missed that one, I recently took a  trip to Florence Or., a little town on the coast.
And I brought back a ton of driftwood from the beach. 
(Read more Here).

 When I saw this big piece, I knew I wanted to make a
 sailboat with it.

 The first thing I had to do was saw the stick to get a flat edge.

 Then using my largest bit I drilled a hole for the stick to go in.

 I glued in in place using Gorilla Glue.  Which I just had to share,  Look at this thing.  The top has glued itself closed so every time I need to use it I have to hammer a nail into it and then squeeze it as hard as I can. As you can see I use my Gorilla glue quite often.  

 Then I leaned it up against some furniture projects that I'm working on  have been sitting on my back porch all year. And I waited for it to dry.

 I then sewed me a sail for it using a muslin fabric.  I failed to take pictures of this whole step.  But basically I started with two rectangles,  one larger than the other.  I then folded the fabric to create this half triangle shape, then continued to wrap the fabric all the way around. Then I sewed it into place. I love the character it added as well as a little bit of frayed edges.

 From there I just hot glued it onto the driftwood.

To show you how big it is, here is my little 3 year old, Jaxon standing next to it.  

 I dragged my sailboat all around the yard taking pictures of it.

 But where it ended up is on my mantel, which I have changed up a bit.  I'll be sharing that next.

Come back again Soon,