Apple Picking

My husband Jake's boss has his own fruit Orchard in his backyard.  He has every fruit tree imaginable. He even has walnut, almond and plumcot trees as well as a pear tree that has several different varieties of pears on it, all in their own little sections. I was in awe.

 Last Saturday he invited us to come "Picking"
Which was a lot of fun, especially for the boys.

Not only does he have an Orchard, but he also has a huge garden filled with lots of veggies as well as Berries....Yum Berries!!  We got to "Pick" whatever we wanted.


 We left with Plenty,  although from the looks of  his garden and tree's you would have never known we were there at all.  He still has soo much.

When we got home, Jake baked the most delicious Blackberry Pie Ever!!!
I'll share that with you all next time.

Have a great Weekend!

Displaying Kids Artwork using Yardsticks

It's that time of year again,  Back to school!

My oldest son, Liam just started 1st Grade and my youngest, Jax will be starting pre-school next week.

Let the School work come flooding in!

 So as you may remember, last year I re purposed this old bulletin board to display all of Liam's artwork.  You can see that post HERE.  But with this new school year, we needed a fresh start.
 So I took it all down...

I wrote Liam's name and the year on the back of all of my very favorites.

 And then placed them in a large sack.  This sack hangs from a hanger in the closet.

  Then because I just can't keep all of it,  I took pictures of some of them too,  that way I have a picture to remember it by instead of the artwork.
Then not too long ago,  I drove by a house that had a pile of junk outside with a  big sign that said,  free, and of coarse I had to stop the car and take a look, all the while Liam, from the back seat was so annoyed. He's only in the first grade and already I embarrass him.
But look at all the treasures I found;  an old camera, a jewelry box and a couple of old yard sticks.

  I decided to hang the yardsticks up in my hallway, replacing the bulletin board.

 Then using thumb tacks, I am able to hang all of the kid's artwork onto it.

 I'm looking forward to filling it up.

So how do you all display your children's artwork?

Living Room Pictures

A few weeks ago I shared a few of these pictures of my Living Room with City Farmhouse, who featured my house tour as part of a segment called, Style House.
In case you missed it,  you can see it HERE

But I realized I hadn't posted these pictures on my own blog.
So here is how my living room currently looks.

Not too many changes,  I did bring back my plaid pillows from HERE 
I am leaning towards that Campy, Outdoorsy, Lake house look, which I think is Perfect for this time of year.
Do you all know that look?  I'm seeing a lot of it lately.
I'm sure I'll be adding to it and updating it more soon.

Have a Great Day!

P.S.  Because I just received a comment asking me how I keep my house so neat,  I thought I ought to add this last photo,  it was taken oh about 5 minutes after all the others.  Real life.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Last week I was in Beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico celebrating 10 Wonderful years of marriage with my favorite person in the whole world,  my awesome husband Jake.
This week I'm struggling to get back into the groove of ordinary life.  Jake claims he has PVD (post vacation depression) and I think I may have a little of it too!

We had taken a trip to Cabo when we were just dating and it was one of our most favorite vacations,  so that is why we decided to go there again.

 We had an amazing time, mostly just doing a whole lot of this...

Cabo is most known for its Arch. ( El Arco ) We had a great view of it from our balcony.

The resort we stayed at had two infinity pools, which were Awesome!

 The weather however wasn't the best.  It rained almost every day we were there,  and not just a little drizzle but full on down pours.  We didn't let it get us down though.  We spent many of the day's sitting in the hot tub and letting it just rain down on us.  We also found it to be incredibly relaxing,  we would just sit on our balcony,  reading books and listening to the combination of rain and waves. 

 On the second day we were there,  we got a little wild hair and decided to go Zip Lining.
It ended up being the perfect day to this because it wasn't too hot and it wasn't raining.
Zip lining was something I've always wanted to do,  but when it came time to go I was having some major anxiety. But the instructors were awesome. They were all bilingual and made us feel very safe.

The tour had 8 runs,  with a little hiking in between.
some of the runs were solo and on some of them we got to  go together.

Talk about an adrenaline rush!  Seriously, it was the highlight of our trip.

And then it was just back to the beach and back to being lazy.

 When we would go for walks along the beach I kept finding heart shaped coral.  I ended up with 10 of them. One for each year of our marriage.

And here is a picture of our hotel.
The hotel was a Welk's Resort named, Sirena Del Mar
You can learn more about the resort HERE

I think we would definitely stay there again. The rooms were really nice,  but the only downside is that the beach was small,  although we could have taken a cab to the larger beach as well as the down town shopping area, but we didn't because of the rain.  And we had also heard that that area was pretty flooded.

It was a wonderful trip that we will be talking about for years to come.
okay,  now back to trying to get back to reality!
Thanks for stopping by,