School Halloween Parties / Games & Snacks

Happy Halloween!
So yesterday I helped out at this little vampires pre-school Halloween Party.

I was in charge of fruit.
I came across this cute idea on Pinterest found HERE


What you do is start with some mandarin orange fruit cups,
then with a black Sharpie draw on a happy little pumpkin face.

 Super easy and super cute.

 Jax brought them to school in this plastic pumpkin bucket.

And then today I helped out at Liam's 1st grade Halloween party.
Unfortunately, they are not allowed to dress up in costume at school.  I think that is so lame.
Anyway,  so this time I was in charge of a Game.
I call this game,
 Candy Corn Toss.

I took 3 Halloween buckets, then from largest to smallest I added point numbers, 25, 50, and 100.
At the school,  I lined the buckets up in a row. The largest being the closest and the smallest being the farthest away.
I gave each child 6 candy corns and let them toss away, counting up their points.
They had a blast.

 Then I thought these treats were adorable that another mom brought in.

She gave each child an Oreo cookie, 8 pretzel sticks and 2 m&m's.
Then the kids got to assemble their spiders on their own.

So I know these ideas don't do you any good, considering Halloween is today!  But maybe pin now and use next year.

We are having so much fun around here.
Can't wait to take my boys out trick or treating tonight.


Pug-O-Ween 2012

I Love Pugs!
Which is why I Love Pug-O-Ween so much.
You may remember from THIS post last year, but every year we take our sweet little pug, Abby to a Pug-O-Ween Party.
If you go back to last year's post you will see all of Abby's different Halloween costumes.  She has been a bumble bee, a fairy, a lobster, a naughty school girl, and last year she was a ninja.

This year my boy's thought it would be great to dress her up as a Hex Bug.
My boy's are so into Hex bugs right now.  For any of you who don't know what a Hex bug is, it's just a small battery operated bug that runs around on tracks super fast and spastic.

So I spent hours putting together this Hex bug costume for Abby.
I just used layers on cardboard paper in green and black.
Traced it, measured it, cut it, and drew on the special silver design.  Then I added velcro straps so it could be attached to Abby.
I also added the little Hex Bug symbol for anybody wondering what the heck she was supposed to be.

 We arrived to the Party.  There were probably 50+ pugs there, all dressed up.

I got Abby into her costume.

Snapped a couple of pictures...

And then within 5 minutes the velcro straps just ripped off.
So she wasn't able to wear her costume.
And boy did she feel left out.
Look at her, the only Pug without a costume. How sad.

 But all of her friends sure looked cute.  We saw a couple 
Angry Birds.

 This sweet little Ballerina was my favorite, with her huge tutu.

 There was even an ipad costume.

 A couple adorable little butterflies.

We also all loved this Alligator.
chomp chomp

My boy's had fun watching all of the puggies.

Aloha Pug!

 This smirky little elf was just begging me to take his picture.

 It's all in good fun!
Tomorrow is Halloween. 
 Hope you all have a Happy and Safe one.  I'm sure I'll be back soon to share pictures of my little vampires.

Thanks for stopping by,

Another NinjaGo Birthday Cake & Worm Cupcakes

One of my most popular post is the one about the 
Lego NinjaGo Birthday Cake we made for Jax last year.
Remember it?
It was this red cake that Jake had decorated with a whole Lego NinjaGo scene.
Jax Loved it. It was both a cool cake and a new Lego set for him.
(You can see that post HERE)


 Jax still loves Lego NinjaGo.  So this year for his  
Big 4th Birthday he wanted yet another NinjaGo Cake. 

Jake is getting pretty good at decorating these cakes.
So again, we started off with a cake from our local bakery. We had them frost it in Jax's favorite color, Green.  And then write Happy Birthday Jax in the center of it.


Then we added our own homemade cupcakes. Jake frosted them to look like NinjaGo spinners.
Each one is a different color to match the 5 different ninjas.

 Green being the most important, according to Jax.

And again, Jax was so pleased with his Birthday cake. 

Then we needed to bring a birthday treat to Jax's pre-school class. Jax's favorite candy is Gummy Worms, so we decided to bring 
Dirt and Worm cupcakes.

For these we just frosted up some box-mix cupcakes with  brown chocolate frosting.
Then dipped them into some crushed up Oreo cookies.
And placed a gummy worm on top.

Perfect for Halloween time as well.

They were a big hit with all of the other pre-school kids.

I still can't believe my baby is 4.
My Liam's 7th birthday is next month.  I'm sure I'll be sharing his cake with you too.  And I'm sure it will be Lego themed as well.

Fall Food Found on Pinterest/ Tried and Tested

I have tested out a few fall recipes that I found on Pinterest recently.  They all turned out great, so I thought I'd share them with you.
The first one is the cute little cheese ball.
I found it Here on a blog called, Family fresh Meals.
(Head on over for the complete recipe)
I made it when we had company over a few weeks ago.

 It was a hit.
Super easy and super cute.
The cheese ball is covered in crushed up Doritos, and the stem is off of a green bell pepper.


 Another recipe that we just loved was this one Here, found on the blog, Chief in Training.
Smothered Chile Colorado Burritos
(Again, head on over for the recipe)
It is also an easy one.
Throw some stew meat in the crock pot, put together the burritos, then broil until the cheese is bubbly.
We will definitely be making these again.


And lastly, a yummy little fall cocktail found Here on the blog, 
The Tampopo Post.
Ginger & Apple & Bourbon
It seriously tastes just like Fall.

Give them a try.  I'm sure they will not disappoint.
Want to see what other recipes I plan to try out some day?  Follow me on Pinterst Here.


Carving and Painting Pumpkins

Halloween is just around the corner!
My little guys sure are getting excited.
Last weekend we carved and painted our pumpkins that we picked out at the Pumpkin Patch.
(You can read that post HERE).

 So on my beautiful white pumpkin I decided to paint orange circles onto it. I love the way it turned out, so I am going to show you how I did it.
First I started off with one beautiful white pumpkin, an empty paper towel roll (you could use a toilet paper roll as well) and some orange craft paint.

 Next I squeezed a fair amount of the orange paint onto a plate. Then I dipped the paper towel roll into the paint, making sure it was covered well. Then carefully I stamped the paper towel roll onto the pumpkin.

 I did try to go in a pattern, starting with the top.

 While I was painting my pumpkin, Jax was busy painting his.  And Yes that is the "pumpkin" he picked out.

He gave it a cute little smiley face.  One eye is blue, the other is yellow.  Half the smile is green and the other half red.  
I love it, 
it makes me smile.

 I placed my pumpkin on the shelves in my kitchen.


Liam drew this fun face on his Big pumpkin.  Then with the help of his dad, they carved it out.

What a great face, hu?

 I love it all lit up at night.

Speaking of Pumpkins......  Have you tried these yet?

Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses.  Soooo Good!

I've got a few recipes pinned that involve these kisses.  Check them out Here and Here.

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