My Boy's Room

Before I get going on posting all about Christmas, I thought I'd share my boy's room with ya.
Liam and Jax share a room, plus it doubles as a play room, so I really have to keep it organized for them.  I try not to "decorate" it too much.  I just let their own things fill up the room.

First, I wanted to share their new bedding that I just picked up at Ikea. It's very cool and boyish, and goes well with the rest of the room.

The walls are painted blue with a brown, white and red stripe going around the whole room.  Then we have a Spiderman mural that my husband Jake painted a few years ago.

 A little white dresser holds some of their clothes and an old changing table in the closet holds the rest.... they sure have a lot of clothes.

 I've hung up a few of their plaid shirts on the closet door.

The room came with a built in bookcase, which has been wonderful for extra storage.

 I also took off one of the closet doors to make the closet more accessible. . . or maybe it got beat down, either way were leaving it.

A blue tub holds their large collection of light sabers and Nerf guns.
The changing table in the closet also holds all of their games.

 The wicker basket under the window holds.... Yes, More toys!

 But where most of the toys hide, is under the bed I have used large, long, plastic bins to hold all of their smaller toys.

 These are perfect for housing blocks, train tracks, action figures and miscellaneous.

The best part is that they are easy to pull in and out, and can be covered up when not in use.

I have also made sure there is plenty of play space in the middle of the room.

Liam and Jax love their room and thank you for checking it out!

Angry Birds Birthday Party

 Over the weekend Liam had an Angry Birds Birthday Party!
It was so much fun, so I thought I'd share it with ya.
When planning the party we first hit up the Party Store. We picked up the Angry birds table cloth, green plates, streamers, balloons and invitations.

Then we hit up Pinterest for ideas . . .  and found Lots!!
The first being these balloon faces found HERE
It's a free printable that you cut out and tape onto your balloons.


I think the table turned out really fun.


 Each setting had a couple layered plates, a juice box, napkin, spoon, angry bird graham crackers and a coloring page.
I just googled Angry bird coloring pages and found lots.
I also had cups of markers on the table.



The Cupcakes were another idea I found on Pinterest.
I started off with box mix cupcakes (made the night before).
I frosted them in green frosting.
Then I added 1/2 of an Oreo cookie to the center of the cupcake and frosted it as well
I used mini marshmallows for the teeth, and  
  for the eyes.  
On the eyes, I pushed mini chocolate chips into the center of the marshmallows.
Then two more mini chocolate chips for the nose.

And there you have a Angry Birds Pig Cupcake

For the game, I was able to make use out of all of the boxes I've been hording in the garage.
We built our own Angry Birds Tower!   

 Liam large collection of stuffed Angry birds and pigs came in real handy.  I think he has like 7 birds and 3 pigs. . . not counting the ones he received as birthday gifts

This game was such a hit.  We had the kids line up shortest to tallest.  Then they were handed a basket full of angry birds to throw.  When they knocked all of the pigs down, or when they ran out of angry birds to throw their turn was up.  It was so much fun that we played it twice.  What I thought was so great is after the kids had their turn they all wanted to help re-build the tower for the next person.

What a fun day. . .Exhausting, but fun!

Turkey Cookies

Between both of my boys having Fall Birthdays, and Halloween last month, I sure have been bringing a lot of treats to their school class's.

This year Liam's Birthday falls on Thanksgiving, so we thought it would be appropriate to bring Turkey Cookies to his class mates.

To make things easy on me, I started off with some sugar cookies from the bakery.  I got the largest ones I could find.
I also used a pre-made frosting to frost the cookies.  Easy, Easy,  but definitely not the healthiest.
Then using our leftover Halloween candy I decorated the cookies to look like Turkeys.

* Candy Corn for feathers
* M & M's for eyes
* Candy Corn pieces for the beak
* Two pretzels for the feet.

Then I finished them off with fall colored Sprinkles.
When I got to the school the kids were in another classroom so I placed a cookie on a napkin with a glass of milk at each desk.  
The look at the kid's faces when they walked into the room and saw the cookies awaiting them was priceless.

Yesterday,  Liam had an Angry Birds Party at our house.  It was Crazy Fun I will blog about that next time.
My goodness the kid really knows how to milk his Birthday.... More fun to come.
You only turn 7 once, Right?

Thanksgiving Mantel

We have a lot of trees at my house, which I just love.
They look so bright and pretty in the fall.
But man do they drop a lot of leaves. It's always a big job getting them all raked up.
Good thing I have such great little helpers.

I think we had the biggest leave pile to jump in in all the neighborhood.

Because my leaves were so pretty and colorful I decided to bring them into me home so I could enjoy them even more.
I put some cut branches into glass bottles, and placed up on my mantel.


I mixed in is a couple leftover pumpkins from Halloween, a few cobs of Indian corn, glass bottles and a gold lantern.
I think it looks very Thanksgiving!




 And gotta show the mirror image.  I know I'm so predictable.  Every time I show pictures of my mantle I always have to take a shot from across the room.

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

I'm sure I'll be back before then, but if not I just want to say,
 Thank You for reading my blog.
You are one of the many things I am so Grateful for.

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My Fall Bedroom

When I think Fall, I think of Plaids, Leather, Burlap, Wood, and just an overall Masculine look.
So I tried to bring a little of just that into my bedroom.
I took down my Straw Hats, and hung up this seaside painting.  I love the chunky wood frame on it.

 I covered up my headboard in some red plaid fabric.  Adding fabric to your headboard is just a really easy way to change the look of your bed.  I have also used blankets in the past.

Below is my red cross jewelry box that I recently blogged about, HERE. I think it ties in nicely.

I've also brought in an old leather briefcase, and placed it on top of the nightstand.

 I made the burlap lampshade a while back.
Then I just threw a faux Swede pillow on the bed.
I think I achieved that masculine/ fall look that I was going for, but I like that there is still a lot of white to keep the look light and soft.

Over all I think it feels Cozy.