New Paint & Clean Windows in the Office

Our office is my favorite room in our whole house.
That is why I was so excited that it was up next on our 
We're slowly making this home more us.

The Office before:


 The office walls and ceiling were painted the same tan color as the rest of the house.  Not a bad color, but like I've mentioned before, I want to make this home more light and airy feeling.

I already had the paint I wanted to use.  You may remember I first painted my kitchen in it.
It is called, Maine Shore by Valspar. Found at Lowe's.

 It however was just not right for our kitchen. The reason being is that it is more of a beachy color, and our kitchen has more of a rustic farmhouse feel to it. You can read more about that post HERE.

 Ok, now back to the office. I first painted the ceiling in the same white/cream color as all the trim in our home.

And then I painted the walls.
Again, the color is called Maine Shore by Vaspar. 

It's such a great, light, green-blue color. It works so well with the trim and the wood floors.

The reason why this is my favorite room in the house is because of all of the old windows.
So after I was finished painting, up next was to clean the windows.
It was a dirty and long over due job.

A few of the windows were jammed shut. It took a bit of muscle and a putty knife to wedge them back open.  I then sanded them good so now they open and shut easily.

 Aren't these windows so clean and pretty?
I absolutely Love them, and the hardware as well.


 Now it's the fun part of decorating the room.  So stay tuned.
 More to come!


  1. Oh, those windows and hardware are fabulous! I think the wall color is perfect, too.

  2. What a pretty room! I don't think you could do anything wrong with all the natural light coming in.

  3. What a great space! I love the detail so much. I'm happy to have discovered your blog today!

  4. I want all those wonderful windows! Even if it means cleaning them! What a great room, can't wait to see the finished space.

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  6. You definitely chose the right place for your office. One important requirement for an office space is the window to keep the room well-lit. It will not only brighten up the room, it will also save charges on your electric bill. There are lots of work to be done, and I hope you finish it all soon for you to enjoy your new house. | Clayton @ |

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  8. I'm in love with this room. From the paint to the huge space to the beautiful windows bringing in tons of light -- I'd worry more about not getting any work done because that room looks too relaxing in my eyes. You did a great job cleaning it up! Can't wait to see how you'd decorate it.

  9. It's good to see that you invested personal effort in cleaning those windows. I believe it is one of the best assets of your home. Those big windows can only help you achieve the more airy feel you're aiming for the office without the need for much renovations. Hugh@

  10. Is the top of the baseboard made with mulitple pieces, or is that one piece? I love that shape and can't find anything with that profile for sale. Thank you!

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  12. This looks so lovely! I bet it will be difficult to keep clean though. I use at my home and they are great!

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  15. Wow.. I got try this in my office! I bet ppl will love that for a long while. Commercial office cleaning services melbourne

  16. Where did you get your baseboard and is it real wood. I love love it!