How To Make a Sugar Leaf Garland

In my last post HERE I shared a little Thanksgiving Vignette that I put together.
And as promised, today I'm going to share how I made my 
Sugar Leaf Garland.

I had heard that if you sprayed leaves with a clear spray paint it would preserve them and keep them looking freshly fallen.
So I gave it a try.
 I first gathered up some pretty leaves.

( Leafs or Leaves?  I was having a debate with someone the other day, I still haven't figured that out.... so for now, I'll go with Leaves).

I laid my leaves out and sprayed them with the clear spray paint.  I then sprinkled some white sugar onto them to give them a frosted look.

Once the leaves were dried, I hot glued them onto a strand of twine.

 And then I hung it from the old wooden shelf in my dining room.



It turned out really pretty.....But they are now starting to dry out and crumble, so the clear spray paint did not preserve them as I had hoped.  Has anyone tried this before, or have any tips?

However, it still looks pretty and I will leave it hanging until the day after Thanksgiving, for then I will take it down and put up the Christmas.... which I'm really looking forward to.

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  1. I just found your blog today! I love your leaves.. I did something similar the other day for my mantle. I went sparkly! ;) Looking forward to following your blog and getting fresh ideas!

  2. Not sure how to preserve the leaves, but your garland looks so pretty! Maybe a spray sealer from the glue aisle at most hobby stores?