Happy Anniversary to our House!

I had a whole other post planned for today, but then I remember that today is our home's anniversary date.

Happy Anniversary Home!
That means that we closed on our home exactly one year ago.

Then the coolest thing happened this morning, as I was driving home from taking my son to school,  I noticed that half of his toys were up the street in the neighbors yard.  So I walked up to gather them up and ran into two guys and started making small chit chat with them.  Come to find out they are the two men who did all of the Amazing renovations on our home before we bought it. 
They basically gutted the house,  put in the new kitchen, added the upstairs, finished off the basement, did all of the awesome molding, and everything else,  all with keeping the old charm of the house.

Once I found out who they were, I stated asking them a million questions.  I've always wondered what the house originally looked like, and what's new and what's original..... well he says he has pictures and will bring them by.  I am so excited!  I can't wait to see them.
Isn't that awesome!  I will share them with you once I get them.

The reason why they were in the neighborhood is because they are currently doing a  renovation on the neighbors home.  They even said I could come take a peek.
Cool guys,  I'm so glad to have met them.

OK,  so since today is our home's Anniversary, I thought I'd share a few makeovers that we have done since moving in.
Hopefully by next years anniversary, I will have our home completely decorated in our style.

Kitchen before:

Kitchen After:
(See details Here)

Dining Room Before:

 Dining room in Progress:

 Living room before:

 Living room in progress:

 Sunroom/Office Before:

 Sunroom/Office After:
(See details Here)


 Boy's Room Before:

 Boy's Room After:
(see details Here)

 We Love our Home ~ It has been so perfect for our family.

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  1. You have done a great job making it your own! Home is where you hang your pictures!! We are just about at a 2 year anniversary in our house and are still working at making it "us",,,but it is moving along! Enjoy your home!!

  2. Really pretty home! Enjoy it with your family..

  3. It's so beautiful! I'm loving the transformation!