More Great Curtain Options

A while back I had mentioned that I was wanting to get some new curtains for our living and dining rooms.  I did some online browsing and shared some great curtain options in THIS post, but I was never able to pick a favorite to actually buy.

I recently found out about the website, High End Curtain. They carry a large selection of Eco-friendly curtains and I have found a few more great options to think about.  I wanted to share these with you today and maybe you could let me know your favorite.

Let's start with some embroidered curtains because I think the details on these are so stunning.

Probably my favorite are these navy tree embroidered curtains. The trees almost look like coral, which would go perfectly with my coastal style.

Next up are these beautiful linen peacock curtains. I have a little obsession for peacocks and so these navy blue curtains with  peacocks embroidered on them really caught my eye.

When you take a closer look at these, you will notice all of the different colors and stitching involved. These are stunning!

The peacock curtain is a little more bohemian, whereas I would consider these next ones to be a  farmhouse style. The soft burlap would lend a more casual look to the room and I bet they would filter the sunlight beautifully.

The added embroidery on these curtains is so cute and makes the burlap look more exquisite.

And the last of my picks for the embroidery curtain are these light blue ones with a leaf design. I feel like these would bring a soft pretty touch to my rooms.

And again, a close up shows you how unique and special these curtains are.

The following curtains are more lightweight and casual compared to the embroidered curtains shown above, but I think these curtains would also look great in our home.

These black and white geometric patterned curtain come in a burlap modern cloth or a sheer, depending on the coverage you are looking for, or you could layer them both together.  I haven't decided what options I'd prefer yet.

I think these next ones are super adorable.  I just love the print on them and white is always a good choice for me :)

This affordable chevron pattern curtain comes in a few different colors and I like them all, but the blue would probably go with my home the best.  These look almost sheer in the picture, although they are a poly/cotton blend.

And for my last choice, a different chevron pattern in gray. I think these would look great in our home and because the design is simple, I most likely wouldn't get tired of them anytime soon.

So do you have a favorite? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts.

If you are in the market for new curtains too, then you may want to check out High End Curtain.

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*this is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own


  1. All curtains are perfect and have eye-catching colors and patterns. You have a great choice Emily. The embroidered ones are just too good. Thanks for sharing the store info.

  2. Several of the curtains are nice but my favorite is the 1st blue ones....but then I am partial to that shade of blue. Only you can really determine what you will like over the long haul.