New lighting ideas for our Kitchen, Which would you pick?

I recently gave our kitchen a new look by painting the walls white. As you probably know, the walls were a teal color before.  I'll be back soon to share more of the room with you. Today, I wanted to talk about kitchen light fixtures.  

You're probably familiar with the light fixture I have hanging in our kitchen currently.  I created these light shades using a pair of wicker food covers. And as you can see, they too recently got painted white.

I came up with the idea of  using wicker food covers for light shades years ago as a quick fix. Before, the lights had a tan frosted glass shade on them that was not at all my style. The wicker shades gave the room a casual, beach house, look which fits my style and the rest of our home's decor perfectly.

Even though I think the wicker light shades are fun,  I believe that it is probably time to switch them out with something modern and new.  I recently found out about a website called,
Lightinhome that carries a wide variety of modern lighting. I have picked out a few options that I think would look amazing in our kitchen and would love to hear your thoughts.

Let's start with my favorite,  I really love these and think either the white or the black would be a great fit. 

These next ones have almost the same look, but a different style.

I  really like the simpleness of these ones.

Of course I would be drawn to this one. It has that nautical look to it that I just love.

This white industrial  light fixture is a classic which I think will never go out of style.

Here is an example of it in a kitchen.

Now, for some lights that are truly original and would be sure to make a statement in the room.
This wood and rope one is simply beautiful!

This one is rattan, so it's some-what similar to what I have now, but it would definitely be an upgrade.

Here, the blue one in particular caught my eye.  Isn't it just so chic?

And I saved the best for last.  I think this is such a cool, one-of-a-kind, light fixture that will be sure to have all of my guest talking about it.  Seriously, how awesome is this?  I love it!

So what do you think? Do you have a favorite?
I'd love to hear your  thoughts in a comment below.  

You can find even more great lighting options at Lightsinhome, go check them out.

Have a great day,



  1. They are all beautiful lights and I can see how it would be a hard decision. Personally I would go with one of the first two industrial looking lamps in the black. I like the contrast to the white kitchen and think they would give off the best light. My second choice would be the rattan one. Its just so pretty too. It really depends on the look you are going for. I"m not much help but good luck, look forward to seeing your choice.

  2. Go with the white wicker!!!Adorable !!!!!

  3. If your kitchen is staying white, of the new choices I would take the rattan. However, my choice would be to keep the wicker, but paint a different color so that they stand out more. Even just painting a blue stripe on the bottom edge would look great. I feel your dilemma!!

  4. I liked all the pictures of beautiful lights you shared with us. These lights will be helpful for Home décor. They are looking so elegant.