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Monday, January 21, 2013

Spring Fever & Etsy update

This is the time of the year that I start to get Spring Fever
 How about you?
It has been so bitter cold here and just so gloomy out that I needed something to lift my spirits.  So I put together this little Spring vignette

I just brought in some things I already had from around the house. A few dishes from the kitchen, my blue wooden boxes, some plants, paintings and my little white bird I got from a friend.


 So you may remember these birds, I listed them a while back in my etsy store.  A good friend of mine has made them using a special technique of adding sand to some ceramic birds and then hand painted them. 
Well, I have re-added them to my etsy store, just in time for spring. Shop Here

Well I think I see some sunshine peeking through the clouds.  Maybe I'll go bundle up and go for a walk and try to soak some in.
Have a great day.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Entry

 Here are a few shot of my entry way decorated for Christmas.


I moved my little white bench into my entry way and placed a couple pillows onto it, including my new blue toile Ikea one sent to me by my ever so sweet sister.

 This year I decided to hang all of my Christmas cards onto a berry wreath that I have hanging on my blue closet door.


 Something else I have done, not necessarily in the entry way,  but on the wall behind my couch. I have tucked little snowflakes into some of the picture frames on my picture wall.



 Thanks for Stopping by.
Next time I will show you the front porch.  So come back Soon.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weekend Finds & Collections

I have unintentionally started a Vintage Camera Collection.
I first received the small black brownie camera from my mother in law a while back.  Then as you may remember, I dug the black Polaroid camera out of a "free" junk pile that I had just wondered upon. And then last weekend I picked up this Kodak Brownie movie camera from the neighbors yard sale, equipped with lenses and a camera bag.
 I really wish I knew more about cameras, because I'm pretty sure they all still work.


 At the neighbors yard sale, I also picked up this adorable picnic basket.

 It has a fun blue and white gingham liner as well as a matching table cloth.

I have also unintentionally started a collection of  Picnic baskets. I believe I have around 6 or 7 now.  
I love Picnic baskets, not only for the obvious use of storing food at a picnic, but also for additional storage around my home.


 I have displayed my new finds on the shelf in my entry way.

So what collections have you all started?

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Plaid Rosette Wreath

 Using some Plaid fabric scraps, I put together this Fall wreath.

The grapevine wreath was purchased at Hobby Lobby for a few dollars.
Then I made the Fabric Rosettes using this link here.  From the blog, Susie Harris.
I then added some pine cones and coffee filter flowers,  which are made by simply twisting a couple coffee filters together, that leaves you with a ruffly flower look.
I like the mix of variety in this wreath.

Tomorrow will be the last day for Plaid Month.  I'll have a few more pictures to share.  It's been a lot of fun playing around with plaid.

Check out some other fun Fall Door Decor:

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Decorating For Fall

I often joke that Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday. But there may be some truth to that. It's a time when family and friends gather around, sharing what your Thankful for and Pigging out!

Over the weekend, my neighbors put out their Christmas Decorations!! Their poor little Snowman is surrounded by Leaves and Sunshine. It's just too early, Don't you agree? plus they turn on all the lights at night, my poor boys think it really is Christmas.
I like to enjoy my Thanksgiving Christmas-Free. How about you? When do you all start decorating for Christmas?
Anyway, I'd like to share with you my fall decorations around the house.
So Last year Liam (my 4 year old) wanted a scarecrow really really bad. So his Grandma Heidi took him to a store and this is the one he choose (picture above). It makes me Smile every time I look at it.

A while back I took a hand sander to the closet door in my entry way. I'm going for that old beat up look.

This is the back side to the Grocery sign I had before. If you remember it was white with blue letters. I saw one somewhere that had black letters on wood that I liked even better. So I flipped my sign over and re-did it. It now looks more old and beat up (do you see a pattern?) What can I say, I do Not have expensive taste. Truthfully!

My Abby

My Boy's having way too much fun in the leaves!

Oh to be A kid Again.

Happy Fall

From the Wicker House

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