Our Easter Table

Did you all have a Happy Easter?
We sure did.
We had some out of town relatives come visit us.
The weather was beautiful.
The kids had fun at various egg hunts.
Just a Wonderful time. . ..Well except for the moving part.  
We had finished moving my mother in law into her new home.
-Moving is never fun-
So like I briefly mentioned before, my mother in law and I had decided to switch dining tables.
Our old one was a perfect fit for her new kitchen, in exchanged we inherited this beauty.  
It once belong to my husbands grandparents.  I'll be sure to share more about it one day, I'm still in the process of deciding if I want to paint it or re-finish it. 
 I just need to live with it a bit longer and then decide.
But it was so wonderful to have for our Easter dinner.

 It is such a large table
(it right now has two leaves in it, but it can get even larger with two more leaves).
 I did not have a large enough tablecloth for it, but I did find this vintage sheet that also use to belong to my husbands grandparents, so I thought it was fitting to use on the table.
 I also thought it looked very Easter-y.

 I brought in some pretty pink blossoms from a tree in our backyard and placed them in a white pitcher.
They looked beautiful and went so well with the tablecloth. 

We enjoyed a wonderful Easter dinner and I look forward to many more gatherings at our new dining room table.

 Thanks for stopping by,



  1. What a beautiful table and a wonderful room. What character and that corner cabinet is fabulous!

  2. That sheet is so cute! It totally has a boho vibe to it, but it also look great with cottage accessories. The white pitcher with pink flowers looks perfect! Now you need to show us what the table looks like w/o the tablecloth! :)